All You Need to Know about Copper Clad Laminate

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Copper clad laminate has long been a mainstay device in various business units, especially in the electronics sector. Although it is only popular among a limited number of people, this material is closely related to the interests of many people. It is a component that forms smartphones or other electronic devices related to communication technology.

Demand for this device also usually comes from a limited circle. Academics use it for various experiments and assembling certain technologies. Many manufacturers and companies in the field of electronics and communication technology also supply copper clad laminate from trusted suppliers.

Whatever your motive, being selective in choosing the product is an absolute must. The selection of the right material will make the basis of your device, whatever it is, superior and highly competitive. For this reason, you must know what copper clad laminate is. Let’s look at the following description to get an easier understanding:

What is Copper Clad Laminate?

Schematic diagram of the process of preparing alumina-filled copper clad laminate


It is a sheet consisting of copper foil acting as a conductor, which is laminated by glass cloth of the same size, then impregnated with a special resin. Lamination uses a special machine that makes the copper sheet adhere tightly to the layer as it is affected by pressure and heat.

It’s not just copper that can be laminated and formed in sheets. Other materials can also be used as conductors, such as aluminum, graphite, gold, uranium, carbon fiber, and palladium.

But copper is more widely used because it is considered quite good in conducting electricity, and its production costs are more economical. But each company can cooperate with certain suppliers to choose conductor materials that suit their demands and needs.

After the lamination process is complete, these sheets can be used for electronic circuits as well as printed wiring boards. Copper clad laminate can be cut and printed as needed based on specific designs.


In general, this sheet is widely relied on as a base or board for any electronic circuit. With certain techniques, he is also a part of the manufacture of advanced communication technology products such as 4G-LTE applications, radar, or 5G base stations. As mentioned in the introduction, you may be unfamiliar with this device, but its use is inherent in all mobile phones today.

Various technologies that use radar also depend on the use of this material. Even various automotive, medical, aerospace, and other devices are assembled with various complex devices, including using copper-clad laminate. The quality is one of the determining factors of the sophistication of a technological product.

Copper Clad Laminate Production Standard

Its strategic position makes you have to be selective in choosing a copper-clad laminate that meets the standards and even guarantees its quality. This is the result of developing a material that relies on a special resin system to optimize its performance. It will also be related to resin coating technology, evaluation of electrical characteristics for analysis, and global sales support.

Classification of copper Clad Laminate

The production of this laminated copper sheet is not uniform. It consists of several types so you have to choose and adapt it to your needs. Classification of copper chad laminate is based on the weight of the copper, the type of resin and reinforcement used, the glass transition temperature, and other factors related to thermal and electrical.

This classification will also make it easier for business partners to consider the most quality products. You do not need to hesitate to consult and ask for transparent information about the condition of the copper-clad laminate available at certain suppliers. This kind of information should be open because it will relate to the company’s integrity and long-term cooperation.

Most Recommended Copper Clad Laminate Supplier

Every company must encourage the purchase of high-quality production raw materials, but the price is still affordable, and even supports efficiency. You can start planning to supply a certain amount of copper clad laminate with intensive research on the internet.

You can start by paying attention to several official supplier company websites, as well as analyzing their reputation, experience, and track record. Valid information about the company’s credibility can also be obtained from many leading marketplaces. You can also start a consultation by contacting several suppliers officially to see their service style.