Arabica Coffee Supplier History in Indonesia

by | Jun 26, 2022 | Coffee Bean

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Indonesia Arabica coffee offers a unique taste that people will love. This makes the commodity acceptable in the world. This time, Indonesia has become one of the best five coffee exporters, exporting the product almost all over the world. 

Before you try this most popular drink, here are five things you need to know about it:

The History Of Arabica Coffee In Indonesia

Originally, coffee was believed to come from Ethiopia and Arab. European who love the taste of this product try to plant it in their country. But coffee doesn’t grow well. Then, they bring coffee to their colonies in the Tropical area. This was also done by the Netherlands, which colonized Indonesia for more than three centuries. Firstly, Arabica coffee can grow in Indonesia, but then it gets a disease and die. Then, they change it with robusta. Indonesian farmers started to grow this plant and gained much knowledge about plantations that could produce the best products.

Since the knowledge increased, Arabica has also can grow well in many places in Indonesia. For example, in Gayo, Toraja, and Flores. Those products have become an export commodity. 

Arabica Coffee Plantation In Indonesia

Most every district has a coffee plantation, although some of them only plant robusta. 

Arabica coffee plantation can find in Gayo, Riau, Lampung, Temanggung, Ijen, Kintamani, Toraja, and Flores. Those are the places where Arabica planted widely and continuously exported to many countries. 

You can find Robusta plantations in Lampung, Dampit (East Java), Tabanan (Bali), and many other districts. For your information, Indonesia is one of the biggest Robusta producers in the world. Although robusta taste is so strong, it has many lovers, too.

Arabica Coffee Taste

People drink coffee to get the benefit of caffeine. Caffeine can stimulate the work of the heart, so that blood distribution is better. It makes the person feel fresh and energized. Sometimes people drink it in the condition they feel sleepy. 

Both Arabica and Robusta contain caffeine. The difference is that the caffeine in Arabica is only half of the amount in robusta. This makes robusta’s bitter taste strong and thick. Arabica serves a soft bitter taste with variations of extra taste like chocolate, vanilla, ground, nut, and tobacco. If people drink robusta, the aftertaste will be strong and bitter. When people drink Arabica, they’ll find a soft and richer taste.  

Arabica Coffee Supplier

Arabica coffee supplier is a company or person that can serve you Arabica coffee stock. They have a connection with the farmers so that they can control the process early. Some supplier has accompanied the farmers since the coffee tree was planted. They know how the coffee tree is taken care of, they know the growing, they know how the coffee is harvested, and they also accompany the post-harvest process. All these actions can make customers sure that they get the best quality products. 

But sometimes, the supplier only acts as a seller. In this case, you must know the quality of the coffee you want and the product they offer. The high price is not a guarantee of the high quality. Compare with the products you already know.

The coffee supplier can be found online or offline. An online supplier can serve you anytime you need. Compare their service, from the responses they give to your questions, the packaging, the sending, and the post-service (follow-up) action. A good supplier must know that their product is acceptable and as good as the customer’s request.  

Indonesia Arabica Coffee In The World

For centuries before, Indonesia was a country that was passed by many traders and explorers, for example, Arabic traders. They come by ship and bring many things from other places. They also bring Indonesian products to other countries. This makes Indonesian products, including Arabica coffee, known all over the world. 

In the modern world, where trading has become so easy and fast, Indonesian coffee has become one of the most easily found. This commodity has been exported to America, Europe, Japan, and many more. It is also used as the main ingredient of world-class coffee drinks. One of the most expensive coffee is come from Indonesia, named Luwak coffee (civet coffee). It’s a coffee bean that has naturally fermented by wild animals named Luwak.

Indonesia Arabica coffee has become famous and consumed almost all over the world. This is proven by the list of the biggest coffee exporter countries, where Indonesia is one of the best five.