Side Effects You Must Know Before You Find Green Bean Coffee Supplier

by | Jun 25, 2022 | Coffee Bean

Green Bean Coffee Supplier Indonesia Aceh

There are many ways to lower body weight. One of them is using green bean coffee as an extracted supplement or as a daily drink. People believe that chemical compounds in green bean coffee can help lower body weight. Is it safe? Find these side effects before you find a green bean coffee supplier.

Green Bean Coffee

Green bean coffee supplier can serve you green beans or as an extract. The name green bean comes from the color of the beans. Green beans are dried coffee beans that are unroasted. So, after it is cleaned and dried, it is ready to be consumed. 

Drinks green bean coffee is believed can help to lower body weight. This is because green bean still has original caffeine and chlorogenic acid level. Without roasting, these chemical compounds won’t decrease, and the taste is different from the black coffee people used to drink. 

As an extract, consume it like the recommendation dose. Never increase your consumption before you consult your doctor. As drinks, make the drink with the proper recommended methods and ingredients comparison.  

7 Side Effect Of Green Bean Coffee

Choosing a method to lower body weight means you should know the main and side effects. Consuming green bean coffee means you should know these side effects:

  • Caffeine Effects 

Some people will feel some caffeine effects, like stomach ache, insomnia, heartburn, increased frequency of defecation, and heart rate increases. Those effects may appear if you consume caffeine. People who drink coffee regularly maybe won’t feel these effects when they consume green bean coffee. But newbies may feel these, although they only drink a small amount. Knowing these effects can be a sign for you to know your caffeine limit. Never drink coffee too much or higher than your limit. 

  • Increased Blood Pressure

Consuming caffeine can increase blood pressure. It’s because the caffeine in the green bean coffee could stack up and accumulate in the vessels. This will cause the blood flow to get narrow so that the blood pressure is higher.

High blood pressure can cause many medical complications. Many people die as the final result of their high blood pressure.  

  • Psychic Disorder

Many people get psychic disorders after they drink coffee, the symptoms like anxiety, nervousness, tension, and many other symptoms. Beware of these psychic disorders when you consume green bean coffee for the first time. Start with low-level consumption to avoid shock. 

This disorder can make you feel uncomfortable, so never consume too much green bean coffee, although you had a high target in your diet program. 

  • Diarrhea

Some people will get a stomachache after consuming green bean coffee. But some others may get diarrhea. In a short time, diarrhea can help with medicine and drinks. But severe diarrhea can cause dehydration and death. Avoid this condition by drinking only the level you need, not too much. 

  • Increase In Cholesterol Levels

Green bean coffee can cause an increase in Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL), the name of bad cholesterol in your blood. The increase of LDL may cause problems in your vessels and become a disease named atherosclerosis. 

So, be wise to consume green bean coffee. 

  • Intestinal Irritation

Routine consumption of green bean coffee may cause stomachache and pain in your intestinal. These are called intestinal irritation. The pain appears as a side effect of chlorogenic acid and caffeine. As known, chlorogenic acid in green bean coffee can decrease carbohydrate and fat absorption. But the high-level caffeine in it can irritate your intestinal. This condition will be more severe for those who got ulcer disease. 

  • Glaucoma

Caffeine in green bean coffee can increase the eyeball pressure. If it happens every time, it can cause glaucoma, where the eye nerve cells are broken. This causes the lower sight until blind condition. 

Those side effects usually appear when the coffee consumption becomes too much or higher than the recommended dose. Avoid these conditions by consuming as you recommended and knowing your limit. It’s nice to choose a way to lower your body weight, but it’s better to keep your health. 

Knowing these side effects may become a guide before you find a Green bean coffee supplier. Be sure this method is safe and suitable for you. Never use a method that is dangerous and makes you get another disease.