Best Cookware Material For Health

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Best Cookware Material For Health

There are so many natural resources that make household items. They are iron, aluminum, steel, clay, bronze, brass, nickel, and marble. Cookware set manufacturers then compete with each other to produce the best cookware material for health, whose materials are made from nature. 

The Material From Nature

You may find bronze pots in a traditional kitchen in a remote area in an Asian country. People used that bronze pot to make rice, soup, and other dishes. The ancients bought it from factories that processed natural resources such as bronze and iron. 

The scent that it brings is tantalizing. Then, years go by, and in modern restaurants today, we can find clay bowls for serving a hot plate dish on the customer’s table. Meanwhile, the chefs can now cook their dishes of pride by using high-quality stainless steel cookware sets. 

Among the cookware set materials, some are the best cookware material for the health category. You can cook with no worry if the dishes on the pan or pot carry toxic substances from the coating of the cookware set. 

What To Check Before Buying A Cookware?

Buying things for home needs means spending money from your wallet. So, you need to be careful in buying goods. Buy something because of necessity. Furthermore, the design, type, and color will be adjusted with the interior design of your kitchen and the budget you have. You can apply this idea in purchasing a cookware set. 

There are a few things you should check before buying a cookware set for everyday cooking at home:

1. The cookware material.

This is the first point you need to check when you are interested in the cookware you see at a store. Your choice of material will affect how you cook and what types of dishes you can cook with them. Like when you cook with a clay pot. You will need a lot of time just to cook a simple chicken soup. Meanwhile, if you use an aluminum pan with a nonstick coating, it will only last for a short time and will not take up a third of your 24 hours. 

2. Check if the surface of the pan is sticky when used for frying.

You don’t need to ask the shop clerk to prove that the pan is sticky when it is used to fry fish or eggs. You just need to know the material of the frying pan. All types of pots and pans with nonstick coating will not make food stick to the surface when cooking. 

Meanwhile, there is a stainless steel skillet material that can make your fish sticky, even though stainless steel is proven as the best cookware material for health. Some cookware brands even produce nonstick stainless steel cookware at very high prices. 

3. Try to grip the handle of the pot and pan you want to buy.

Do you feel comfortable when holding it, and it doesn’t slip easily? Does the pot or pan feel heavy when you lift it? You can feel if it is comfortable or not for your hand. Since it is the cookware that you will use for everyday cooking, then you have to choose one that is comfortable to hold. The handle with wooden material and anti-scald silicone gel seem quite comfortable for everyday use. 

4. Check the spatula material.

If you’re keen on buying healthy nonstick cookware, then you should check the spatula as well. A wooden or silicone spatula won’t damage your pan when friction occurs during cooking.

5. Check the cookware warranty.

Then, when something goes wrong, you know where to go. You can save a few bills of dollars in repair costs when the cookware breaks down during the warranty period. 

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How Important To Choose A Healthy Cookware

Health is a valuable investment that we can buy today for a bright future. Healthy starts from home, where you eat, sleep and entertain yourself after quite long hectic days. 

Healthy food comes from the proper way of cooking using the best cookware material for health. What is that? This is the material that is safe from toxins, doesn’t carry any harmful materials to the body causing disease, and doesn’t damage food ingredients during the cooking process. You should avoid cookware materials that contain PFOA and PFOS, which are carcinogenic

Since 2015, America and Canada have declared that PFOA is no longer allowed to be a major component in the production of nonstick cookware. When you spend year after year exposed to PFOA in nonstick cookware, then you have a higher risk of developing diseases such as high blood pressure even if you cook with no oil, colitis, kidney problems, liver damage, thyroid problems, and bladder cancer. We should not breathe cooking fumes from nonstick cookware containing PFOA. 

Dos and Don’ts About Healthy Living That Starts from the Kitchen

Healthy living has been campaigned all around the world. Peoples do many kinds of methods to do healthy life. Starting it from the kitchen is a good choice, as we eat every day. What are the dos and don’ts of healthy living if we want to start it from our kitchen? What is the best cookware material for health? Let’s find out.

Healthy Living Starts from the Kitchen

Every day we eat to fill the energy and let us keep doing activities and stay healthy. We realize that eating is not only for feeling enough or fulfilling the need of lifestyle. We should change the bad mindset into the right mindset, which thinks that eating is for engaging in life and getting nutrition. 

A kitchen with the best cookware material for health has a strong role in starting healthy living. In this spot, the family could arrange healthy meals they cook at home. They can choose the ingredients they want and how to serve the meals. In this place, a mother can create healthy snacks so that her family won’t eat too much sugar, fat, salt, or oil. Family can have quality time when they discuss, cook, and enjoy meals together. Isn’t it nice?

Dos and Don’ts 

There are many activities to build a healthy life. Here is a list of dos and don’ts activities for you. These dos and don’ts are not a straight guide. It might work for you, but it may work for others. See them as global guidance, while you must have your own that perfectly fits you. 

The Don’ts

Let’s start with the negative sentences named don’ts. Here are some activities you can avoid to do:

  1. I Love to hang out. This situation gives you a chance to get any kind of unhealthy food and drink if you lose your mind. Of course, you can hang out but be careful with the food and beverages you choose. Listen to your friend’s suggestion, but be yourself when you choose. They might be your close friends, but they might don’t care enough about their food.
  2. Being lazy in the kitchen so that at the last minute, you should call for fast food delivery order. Firstly, you don’t know the ingredients and the materials they use. The food might contain a lot of instant spices that are not healthy for you. Be spiritful in your kitchen to prepare healthy food for your loved ones.
  3. Buy cheap wholesale cookware that you then realize you can’t use because it is too heavy or sticks. It is alright to buy wholesale products, but remember that you should check the quality. Having terrible cookware will make your cooking spirit fly. Check the best cookware factory or cookware supplier first before buying it.

The Dos

You already read the don’ts; now let us see what the dos are:

  1. Open your refrigerator and look at the food inside. Be careful if you find many sweet cakes with cream, fried chicken, cokes, or many other unhealthy foods. Be patient. Remove that food and move on. Now, go shopping and make the refrigerator full of healthy food, like fresh organic meat, milk, fruits, vegetables, and healthy cold drinks like fruit juices.
  2. Find organic food suppliers around you. Organic food is usually more expensive than common food, but it contains fewer chemical compounds so it is healthier for our bodies.
  3. Eat as much as you need, not as much as you like. Our body has limited calories needed. Know this factor to arrange the food amount you need every day. Eat as much as you need to avoid food waste.
  4. Grow your food. You can use your window as a micro greenhouse. Put a table near the window. Prepare pots or trays and grow media. You can regrow some vegetables like garlic, Chinese cabbage, and many more. Or, you can buy seeds in the plant shop and grow them. This activity will allow you to harvest your food. Fresh, organic, and healthy.
  5. Leave fat, skin, and oil in your food. You can use vegetable oil like olive oil and sesame oil. This will give you healthy fat but don’t use them too much.
  6. Use healthy cookware. There are many materials that people use for making cookware. Traditional cultures may have cookware from clay. There is much cookware made from metal like iron, bronze, and aluminum. The best cookware material for health is aluminum coated with greblon C3. This is a material that can make the cookware surface is nonstick while the aluminum able to distribute heat very well.