The Elegant Bourbon Planifolia Vanilla Beans

by | Dec 24, 2019 | Vanilla Beans

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Vanilla is the queen of spices. You can use vanilla to raise the flavor for sweet foods like pudding, ice cream, cookies, and cakes. Europeans even like to roast beef with fruit, vegetables, and vanilla beans. Especially if it is Bourbon planifolia vanilla beans which are famous for its strong vanilla tone.

The Excellent Spice

Vanilla is the most expensive spice after saffron. The high price makes it an excellent subject among spices businessmen and admirers of expensive and elegant goods. The impact of the high price of vanilla, vanilla plantations are often coveted by the thieves. If you might cross in front of a vanilla field, it is common to see the security guards and house dogs keep the eyes open all night.

Why Is Vanilla So Expensive?

How expensive is vanilla? Isn’t that the same vanilla we usually have in dairy products, ice cream, and cakes? Why do people always say that the price of vanilla is a little bit cheaper than saffron? Even the price can be as expensive as the gold. Well, the vanilla that we are most likely to have in dairy products at home is artificial vanilla which gets only a small amount of natural vanilla added so that the milk product is affordable fo everyone.

In the 80s, the cheaper vanilla comes from the artificial vanilla. This unreal vanilla overtook the market. It certainly gives a distinctive taste and aroma of vanilla but cannot provide the health impacts for the body. The use of artificial vanilla in food and beverage products continues today. It was only around the 2000s, the market demanded the businessmen provide real vanilla that not only sweetened the food but also made it healthy to eat.

Why are bourbon planifolia vanilla beans expensive?

Even so, the businessmen still have to face the increase in vanilla prices, especially bourbon planifolia vanilla beans by several factors such as:

  1. One bite of your vanilla ice cream is very valuable. That’s all you need to remember when you know that it takes a long time to bring the vanilla bean as raw material for making delicious ice cream. Vanilla is labor-intensive work. Vanilla planifolia comes from the orchid plant. Orchid plants need 3 to 5 years to reach maturity. With the modern method now, it only takes 1 year for the orchid plant to produce high-selling vanilla pods. Vanilla planifolia orchids produce dark brown seed pods. These pods are then soaked in concentrated alcohol or food glycerin to produce the vanilla extract. It could be the exotic Bourbon planifolia vanilla beans
  2. The vanilla pods cannot be directly consumed or used in the food, beverage, cosmetics, and medicine industries without going through a drying process such as water kill and sun kill This process takes a long time until the bourbon planifolia vanilla beans are ready for sale.
  3. Hand-pollinated is the rich process of growing vanilla planifolia outside Mexico. The farmers directly pollinate orchid flowers on their hands using toothpicks. Sometimes they get a rash and itching on the hands when in contact with the flower. The pollination process then can be stopped for a few moments.
  4. The erratic weather factor such as heavy rain or drought can delay the vanilla harvest. As a result, natural vanilla stocks are scarce in the midst of a lot of demand. Vanilla is very expensive, but there is still much demand.

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Bourbon Planifolia Vanilla Beans

Planifolia orchids produce the best vanilla planifolia beans in their home country. The planifolia seeds can also be grown very well in Madagascar. All vanilla planted in Madagascar and other islands in the Indian Ocean are known as Bourbon vanilla.

This vanilla bean has a high vanillin content. The vanilla taste is authentic, very strong, clear, and soft. Bourbon planifolia vanilla beans are the additional spices that can be used in the cake dough, coffee grinder, milkshakes, sprinkled over roast beef, and used as car perfume. If you intend to do the vanilla business, then you should lift this vanilla as a highlight along with the Tahitian vanilla beans which are liked by people from many circles.