The Reliable Green Gold Overseas Bourbon Vanilla Beans Bulk

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The Reliable Green Gold Overseas Bourbon Vanilla Beans Bulk

When shopping at a grocery store, you often find products with the ‘bourbon’ embed in the name, right? Bourbon is identical with thick tanned nuances, coffee aromas tend to grill, exoticism, and natural herbs. People on the European continent are more familiar with bourbon for coffee and whiskey. In the world of vanilla beans, Bourbon is a vanilla bean that grows in Madagascar. The sales of bourbon vanilla beans bulk and wholesale are quite high in the world market.

Madagascar Bourbon

Bourbon Is known as the name of the island which is on the east of Madagascar. The island in the Indian Ocean which is the overseas department of France was renamed the island of Reunion in 1973 by the French government. This island is famous for its agricultural products and sugar. Madagascar and Bourbon influence each other. Madagascar influenced the use of language in Bourbon together with French. Bourbon also influenced Madagascar in creating distinctive bourbon vanilla beans. No wonder so many vanilla bean businessmen are chasing Bourbon vanilla bean to Madagascar. They want to meet the demands of loyal customers for bourbon vanilla beans bulk.

What Can You Rely On Vanilla Bourbon Madagascar?

Bourbon vanilla is produced from vanilla planifolia plants originating from islands in the Indian Ocean such as Madagascar and Réunion or Bourbon. The taste of bourbon vanilla is similar to plants grown in India. Bourbon vanilla beans, especially those from Madagascar, are best known worldwide. Bourbon vanilla looks dark with a rich black-brown color. The aroma of vanilla bourbon is soft with a sweet touch of butter. Culinary businessmen often buy bourbon vanilla beans bulk to be one of the important ingredients of many cake recipes, desserts, and beverages they create.

The soothing taste and aroma come from the bourbon drying method. This method is often carried out by bourbon vanilla bean farmers in Madagascar.

Bourbon Method

Vanilla fruit drying technique determines the quality of the vanilla bean. The drying process can lock in the aroma of the pod so that the characteristic aroma of the soft vanilla is maintained. In addition, bourbon drying techniques can also produce vanilla beans with higher water content. This can also prevent vanilla bean spoilage. Proper drying technique will not make vanilla beans too dry or too wet and broken on the inside.

Initially, the green vanilla fruit that has been harvested from its stems is washed using clean water first until it is clean. This is intended to remove the sap or dirt that attaches to the vanilla fruit.

Furthermore, the green vanilla fruit will be put into a pan filled with boiling water with temperatures ranging from 65 degrees Celcius for approximately 5 minutes. In this process, the vanillin enzyme starts to be active so that the fragrance of vanilla begins to appear. Then dry the vanilla fruit in the sun from 10 am to 2 pm. Use a black cloth backing to wrap vanilla beans at night. Put the black cloth wrapped in wooden shelves to keep the fruit warm at night before drying again the next day.

Repeat this drying activity for about two to three weeks until the vanilla water level reaches the limit of 25% to 30%. successful drying activity with an indication of a blackish-brown, greasy, and elastic color to the vanilla bean that is bent using the thumb.

Where To Order Bourbon Vanilla Beans Bulk?

If you are a new player in the vanilla beans business, so you have to grab information as many as possible from the internet. Use the search engine to find out where to buy bourbon vanilla beans bulk from a trusted seller.

One vanilla bean is sold for 8 to 10 dollars. When you take the bulk order, you will get at least 20 vanilla beans for only 70 dollars. It is a good price for your business. Then, you can sell the bourbon vanilla beans in a package for 3 to 5 vanilla beans for only 10 to 15 dollars.

So, are you ready to get involved with this lucrative business?

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