Know About The Best Bourbon Vanilla Beans 

by | Jun 24, 2022 | Vanilla Beans

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Bourbon Vanilla Beans is one of the favorite vanilla flavors in the world. What is it? How has it become the most favorite? Let’s find out.

Vanilla For Many Foods And Drinks

Vanilla looks similar to orchids. It grows as a vine, with green, thick, and oval-shaped leaves. The leaves appear in the right and left sides of the vine in turn. The vine grows, like other spirits, by holding to another tree’s stem or a pole. The vanilla flower’s shape is like a trumpet, with yellow and green colors. This flower only blossoms a day, so if it is not pollinated soon, it will fall. Vanilla farmers should control the plantation every day so that every blossoming flower gets pollinated on time. This will secure the vanilla pods and beans supply. The pods will be ripe about 6-8 months after pollination. 

Bourbon is the name of the vanilla beans that comes from Madagascar. This variant has high quality so that it has become the most popular in the world. This Bourbon Vanilla Beans has a buttery aroma and is overwhelmingly sweet. It’s dark but creamy. This rich flavor makes it suitable for many kinds of recipes. The flavor wouldn’t appear maximally if the post-harvest process didn’t do properly. 

It’s good for baking, such as bread and cakes. It is also used in many drinks recipes. Dessert will be tastier by adding Bourbon vanilla. Ice cream vanilla will be rich with taste if using these vanilla beans.

Many recipes use vanilla extract for its rich taste. Although there is vanilla extract in the market, many chefs prefer to use their own. Some of them make vanilla extract by put vanilla beans in a jar that can be closed tightly. Then add liquid into the jar and close it. When the time to use the extract comes, just take a pod. Cut the edge and push the pod from the other corner. This will push the extract to go out. The pod can still use for other recipes, such as drinks. Soak the pod, and it will still give a similar flavor. While the extract used for the chosen recipe. 

Synthetic vanilla extract is also available. But the taste won’t hit the natural extract. The benefits to health and body will be different from the original ones. That’s why the vanilla beans market is always opened in all over the world.  

5 Things You Need To Know About The Best Bourbon Vanilla Beans

Above, you’ve got information about the use of bourbon vanilla. Here are five things you need to know about the best bourbon vanilla beans:

Grade A Bourbon Vanilla

Grade A Bourbon vanilla is a pod that has high-class length and is fully contained. This means it harvests on time and gets proper post-harvest treatment. It is also packaged and stored so that it has no splits and cracks. This grade A bourbon vanilla will have a higher price than others. 

Grade B Bourbon Vanilla

Although Bourbon vanilla is a high-class spice, for many reasons, there might be conditions that make the quality less than usual. The cause may be affected by season, animals, or others. So, while the best bourbon vanilla is called grade A, the rest is called grade B. These differ by the size, the splits, and the cracks. It has less moisture and is less attractive. But it still can be used as the homemade vanilla extract for daily needs. But it’s not good for baking and cooking. 

Bourbon Vanilla Flavor

Bourbon vanilla taste is soft, smooth, but hot. The flavor is like fruits and winy. This flavor is suitable for any kind of food, drinks, perfumes, and health care. 

Bourbon Vanilla Species

Bourbon vanilla is vanilla planifolia that grows around the Hindia Ocean, but 75% of them come from Bourbon, Madagascar. Madagascar is an island in the south African area. The vanilla farm has become a famous activity on this island. The farmers are not only doing the growing but also the post-harvest process so that this island can cover a large amount of bourbon vanilla to the world. 

The Uses of Bourbon Vanilla

Bourbon vanilla can use in any kinds of food. But it has the best use for cool ones, like ice cream. It is also good for cakes, but it is not good for hot food. Vanilla extract is also used in any kinds of perfumes, cosmetics, body care, and aromatherapy. Cigarette also uses this extract to enrich the flavor of their products.  

Bourbon Vanilla Beans have a strong flavor, with a fruity and winy aroma. This vanilla variant is suitable for any kinds of food and drink, especially ice creams and cakes. But it’s not good for hot food. As the use of these vanilla beans is high, the farmers around the Hindia Ocean and Madagascar always work hard for it.