5 Benefit Of Buying Bulk Indonesian Vanilla Beans

by | Jun 3, 2022 | Vanilla Beans

Buying Bulk Indonesian Vanilla Beans

Vanilla is a spice that can be added to any kind of food and drink. It is also needed in perfumes, cosmetics, body care, aroma therapy, and the cigarette industry. Buying bulk Indonesian vanilla beans will give many benefits. What are they? Let’s find out.

Vanilla, The Green Gold From Indonesia

Vanilla is called green gold. This is a prestige name because gold is a precious metal. The limited amount of gold made it has a price that always grows up time by time. It’s a stable metal so that it can be re-shaped, but the amount is still the same. So those are reasons to invest in gold. 

Vanilla got green gold as its name for many reasons. Two of the reasons are:

  1. It’s not one-day work to get vanilla beans. There is long and nonstop work to do. Starting by preparing the plantation. Then choose the seed or the cutting. Planting them. Preparing the stem or pole. Take care of the vine so that it grows well. Control the blossom flowers and pollinate them. Taking care of the pods. Harvesting on time. Do the post-harvest process. These steps take time more than a year for each brunch of vanilla beans. 
  2. Vanilla is used in many fields, so the demand is high, but the supply is limited. Because not every country is suitable for growing these plants. Buying bulk Indonesian vanilla beans from farmers is the solution to get the best price for these nice flavor spices. 

5 Benefit Of Buying Bulk Indonesian Vanilla Beans

After you know the reasons for the name ‘green gold,’ now let’s find out about the benefits of buying bulk Indonesian vanilla beans. Buying a big amount of something always has benefits. This rule also applied in vanilla trading. Here are 5 of the benefits:

The Price Will Be Cheaper

The seller or the distributor likes those who buy their product in big amounts. This can compress the distribution and packaging fee. It’s common in trading that buyers can get a lower price if they bought something in a bulk amount. 

Natural Product

Our vanilla is a natural product. We plant it in Indonesia’s and Papua New Guinea‘s fertile soil, with the hands of farmers who love their job. The climate in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea is suitable for vanilla growth. These are factors to produce excellent products. 

Vanilla lives like orchids, but if other orchids grow by hanging on other plants, vanilla has a root that needs a connection to the soil. This root will grow deep to find minerals, water, and other chemicals they need in the soil. That means vanilla needs fertile soil to grow. 

Our farms are perfect places to grow vanilla. The farmers usually grow vanilla in a natural way, without any plant medicine to make it blossoming flower or for it to grow. This made the vanilla so natural. 

The Condition Can Be Arranged

Vanilla pods are ripe at about 6-8 months after pollination. But some farmers can’t wait that long. They harvest their vanilla pods sooner so that they can sell them soon. But this makes the pods don’t contain the full chemical that this plant produces, and the size will be smaller. The vanillin in the pods will be lower than in the ripe ones. Farmers and buyers should know about this. 

One of many ways to know vanilla’s quality is by knowing the chemical named vanillin in it. The vanilla contained in a pod will be maximum when it is ripe. So, before buying bulk Indonesian vanilla beans, it’s better to check the quality. Choose the trusted farms or distributors. 

Can Choose The Quality That Suitable With The Products 

Vanilla differs in quality. Grade A is vanilla with fully filled pods, smooth surface, maximum size, and properly treated after harvested. This grade A suitable for high-quality desserts, bakery products, ice creams, cosmetics, perfumes, body care, aroma therapy, and many more. Some Indonesian farmers have realized the demand for grade A vanilla and found information about farms or distribution that sell grade A. 

But, if the need is only graded B or less vanilla, it will be easier and cheaper. 

Special Flavor Of Vanilla Planifolia Of Indonesia Farmers

Bulk Indonesian vanilla beans won’t change the flavors. Indonesian vanilla will still produce the same flavor as it bought in a small amount. But having a lot of stock will serve vanilla every time needed. 

Most Indonesian farmers plant vanilla planifolia. This is the best vanilla quality because it produces a nice flavor for many uses. It’s used in any kinds of product all over the world. Some farms have served post-harvest processed vanilla beans. This will ease the work of processing. 

Buying bulk Indonesian vanilla beans is one of the ways to get the best price to prepare the long-time stock. Buying vanilla in large amounts won’t change the flavor. Enjoy the natural products from Indonesia and Papua New Guinea’s farms.