Begin Your Bussiness With Bulk Ordering Coffee Beans

by | Jul 15, 2022 | Coffee Bean

Bulk Ordering Coffee Beans Cafe restaurants

The scent of coffee is a soothing and thick aroma in the morning. When we wake up in the morning, we can easily catch that aroma. Our nose is tingled by its strong scent. Our mom or wife stirs up the spoon in a cup of our favorite coffee. Then, it needs a couple of minutes to open our eyes to a new day in the morning. Sometimes, sweltering daylight can also be cooled with a glass of iced coffee in a modern tavern. Can you imagine how much bulk ordering coffee beans this tavern has in order to satisfy all visitors? 

And when dusk approaches, drinking a cappuccino or latte with friends is a priceless moment while waiting for traffic jams to subside. It’s amazing the way how coffee colors our days, right? What about you? Do you want to take part in coloring people’s days by becoming a coffee entrepreneur? 

How To Start A Coffee Business?

             The coffee business is quite easy to be started now because almost everyone likes coffee lately. Old men, young people, employees, field workers, and freelancers. They like coffee. Coffee has become a daily necessity in our society. In whatever class they are. They do not only enjoy coffee but also want to know how to mix delicious coffee.

Cafe or coffee shop customers often attend training to make lattes or cold brew coffee from a barista in the cafe. The cafe owner is often overwhelmed by the demands of these coffee lovers. In a day, they can spend more than 10 kilograms of coffee. The owner of the cafe doesn’t want to run out the coffee quickly, so he prefers bulk ordering coffee beans from coffee farmers or suppliers than retail coffee. 

So, here are the stages of starting a coffee business for beginners. 

  1. Strong concept. A strong business concept makes you able to survive in business competition. For instance, you desire to have a coffee shop concept that can be the most comfortable place to hang out for all ages. The smoking area is also provided separately, so it won’t disturb visitors who don’t smoke. Make a strong concept by looking at some references on the internet or coffee shops that you have ever visited. 
  2. Bulk ordering coffee beans. Cafe or coffee shop owners must have a network of coffee farmers, suppliers, or agents who provide bulk coffee. According to ICO (International Coffee Organization) data, world production and consumption of coffee per year rose by 20 percent. Moreover, current coffee drinkers are those who like to try coffee from one shop to another. It’s very different from the 90s or 2000s, where people only stayed in 1 or 2 coffee shops to enjoy coffee which was felt to have the right mix according to their taste. This is the point that even though our coffee shop visitors vary every day, as long as our coffee is of good quality, visitors will always come and go. And the availability of abundant coffee will make it easier for the shop to fulfill customers’ requests at any time. 
  3. Great Location. Find a safe location that is close to schools, offices, campus, and other public places. Make sure that your location is easily found on Google Maps and has adequate parking space. 
  4. Promotion. A good product is the strongest way of promotion ever. On the first day of opening, you only need to attract at least five visitors who are satisfied with your coffee. After that, look at how these five people will bring other potential visitors. You also do the promotions through the website and social media. 

Bulk Ordering Coffee Beans

You can go to farmers or coffee suppliers to buy bulk coffee. Do check the condition of coffee beans directly in the place before taking them home. Some things that must be considered are:

  • Put some coffee beans on your palm. If there are crumbs of coffee, it can be ascertained that they are fresh products. 
  • One-way air valve in sealed bag coffee must be available. If it’s not there, then your coffee will be contaminated with CO2 trapped in the packaging. Your coffee beans are not fresh. 
  • Fresh coffee beans will look shiny. 
  • When bulk ordering coffee beans from farmers, usually the coffee beans haven’t been wrapped. To check the freshness, you can put some coffee beans in a resealable bag. Remove air from the bag tightly. Close tight and let stand for one night. Fresh coffee will make the sealed bag in inflated condition as if it were just sealed the next day. Make an agreement with the farmer. If the plastic changes the next day badly, then you can ask to replace fresh coffee beans.