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by | Apr 13, 2022 | Vanilla Beans

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From the consumer’s point of view, vanilla is one of the most preferred, even favored, flavors. Therefore, culinary, cosmetics, and other businesses related to taste and aroma are always eager to enter vanilla flavor as one of the best product variations. To buy fresh vanilla beans has become a norm on the regular production agenda.

Not only in terms of quality and price, producers and entrepreneurs also need to know everything related to vanilla. This will help the promotion agenda so that the vanilla-related products are closer to targeted consumers. One of the knowledge that you must have is the relationship between vanilla lovers and their personalities.

So what is the relationship between buying fresh vanilla beans and one’s personality? We can look at it from the perspective of neuroscience and psychology, where vanilla enthusiasts are intimately connected with the following personalities:

1. Rely More On Intuition Than Logic

When people buy fresh vanilla beans with high intensity, they likely choose the flavor and aroma of vanilla as their favorite. Research reveals that vanilla lovers often rely on intuition rather than logic. The way of thinking might be complicated and not understood. But this kind of consumer prioritizes comfort based on feelings rather than explanations related to logic.

But that does not mean fans of vanilla beans completely ignore logic. In many cases, vanilla fans also keep in mind facts and logic to support their intuition when choosing or making decisions.

2. Challenging

The way of thinking that relies on intuition makes consumers who like the taste of vanilla-like challenges. He dares to take risks for things that cannot yet be estimated for profit and loss. As the taste of vanilla produces many pleasant surprises, vanilla fans tend to like many surprises in their choices.

3. Active And Cheerful

Vanilla represents bright, fresh, and cheerful colors, according to the personality of his fans, who are known to be active and cheerful. Therefore, as a consumer, you do not just buy fresh vanilla beans and then ignore the interests of consumers. Make a vanilla product advertising package that represents joy. This method will make consumers increasingly interested in buying and enjoying the vanilla products you market.

4. Expressive

Vanilla fans’ feelings are generally predictable. We can know when his mood is good and when he is sad and does not want to be disturbed. Expressive nature will also appear when he enjoys a bowl of vanilla ice cream. He will enjoy mouthfuls for mouthfuls of ice cream, shown with a happy face.

In essence, the business of vanilla beans is not limited to you. Buy fresh vanilla beans that are cheap and of good quality. There are many things to consider regarding the character of consumers and your readiness in designing promotional ad packages. No matter how good the vanilla product you make, if the promotion is less creative, then maybe you will lose out with other entrepreneurs.

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Knowledge about the personality of consumers who are fans of the taste and aroma of vanilla beans will be enough stock to design an ad package that fits the consumer segmentation. Of course, this knowledge is not the only provision for creating effective advertising. You still have to absorb all the knowledge of the science of promotion so that you are high in demand for your product and your brand is popular worldwide.