High Viscosity Found in Cellulose Ether

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Advancement of construction continues to provide interesting information about the property sector, magnificent and sturdy buildings often raise questions in our minds about the materials used so that the buildings can stand and last for years. When building a dwelling, of course, materials are needed after planning the design.

Usually, materials that currently come from nature are made by human hands through factories. One of the high-demand materials is cellulose. It is popular to use since it contains high viscosity.

Why High Viscosity in Cellulose Ether?

High Viscosity Found in Cellulose Ether

High Viscosity Found in Cellulose Ether

High viscosity is a challenging part of the application of cellulose ether in building materials such as mortar. When the viscosity is higher, the better the water retention. But what often happens is that the molecular weight of the cellulose ether increases. Besides that, the level of solubility is getting lower. This greatly affects the strength of the mortar so that the construction of the building becomes ambiguous.

Wet mortar will usually become more sticky if high viscosity occurs. The adhesion of this mortar is also increasingly questioned when the adhesive knife makes it difficult to apply it to the building structure. The resistance to sagging even after being applied seems far from expectations. So, is it wrong to have high viscosity in the cellulose ether that we use?

The high viscosity in the methylcellulose ether to be mixed with the mortar is necessary for strong adhesion, good resistance, and expected water retention. But it is good that the methylcellulose ether must be modified before use.

This is done to avoid the bad impacts that can be caused. If you buy mortar with a mixture of cellulose ether from a company that is trusted and competent in its field, then you don’t need to worry about the high viscosity modification in this cellulose ether.

Factors Need to Be Considered in Choosing the Materials

Now, it has been easy for us to choose the materials for the properties. Since technology develops fast. For example, in the past, we just take wood as the roof support, but now a day we know steel is recommended. We usually use daily and the latest from continuous innovation. We can find out what factors will determine the use of building materials in the house later.


Yes, the budget or financing will be crucial in the development area. With the existing budget, we can determine what kind of house design we want and the selection of the right building materials.


After we have a budget, we can consult to determine the design. The design is structured based on the budget we provide. Then, deciding what materials to use. With alternative building materials, we can build at a cheaper price but the results are still of high quality. One of the ways is taking high-viscosity cellulose for some needs.


The influence of weather also plays a role in the quality of the selection of building materials. In areas with a high sense of rainfall, we will not use easily weathered materials. In future maintenance, we will expect the durability of your home.

All the information with the selection of the right building materials hopefully the building can last for a long time. The potential for natural disasters that occur in the area where we will build our house should not be ignored.

Cellulose Ether with High Viscosity

The selected building materials will ultimately determine the quality of the property. We also need to know the latest building materials and all their functions so that in future development we do not carelessly buy materials.

Planning for material purchases must also cooperate with building contractor services to avoid over budget. Below are the backgrounds why cellulose ether comes with the characteristic of high viscosity.

  • Commonly the source of the viscosity value of cellulose ether comes from the grinding process of dry cellulose ether. We will get the point by high-speed air-swept, smoothening the cellulose into small particles.
  • With a certain value of viscosity, we can apply the cellulose ether as the thickening agent. It is very useful especially if we want a product with high viscosity.
  • Do you know that cellulose ether with the detailed value of viscosities provides a higher thickening and less cost? Yap. These are the benefit of the long process.
  • In mortar industries, the demand for cellulose ether with valuable viscosity is very high. This is in line with water retention containing.
  • Besides the term of viscosities, we will need to definite the character of good cellulose by several indicators such as solubility, thermal gelation, and stability.
  • The product solubility is affected when we desire to increase the viscosity by adding the molecular weight. As a result, it can weaken the mortar’s construction.

Choosing building materials will determine whether or not the selling value of a house is durable. A good building is not only from its charming appearance but also the factor of the building material itself which is more likely to influence both externally and internally. There are many references that we can explore. Meet some experts in processing building materials efficiently without having to pollute the environment a lot.


A large number of product choices to meet the needs of life triggers the emergence of consumer patterns. We usually give more attention to finding, assessing, selecting, and determining products that suit our needs without compromising the price and quality of the product.

At last, many industries offer high-value and beneficial products to support construction. A better formulation is always the priority of manufacturing. Then, that makes us sometimes need to be sharp in deciding the best one.

You have to look for a recommendation of cellulose ether with high viscosity that is better modified. You can ask people who ever bought the products or you may find it on the internet where the sales rise day by day.

Don’t forget to always look at the reviews on the website and ask some people personally who had reviewed it. You can also visit the offline shop and consult more with the seller about your need. Make sure you choose the shop that has attention to after-sales services.

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