About Coating Thickener of Cellulose Ether

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Choosing a safe product to use is quite a difficult thing to do. Especially, if we are very new to aimed products, this may be so tricky. This is included in selecting cellulose ether as a coating thickener. We always want to get satisfactory results, but without knowledge, it’s quite difficult to obtain. Fortunately, technology is now very fast. That allows humans to get as much knowledge as possible before choosing something. So, how are the works of cellulose ether for thickening?

The Functions of Cellulose Ether in Coating Thickener

The use of cellulose is usually related to the type of thickener to be used. This thickener can be organic or inorganic. In addition, rheology modifiers also play an important role in choosing thickeners. Both organic and inorganic products both have certain advantages.

Generally, in choosing or taking cellulose ether as a coating thickener, we must first understand rheology. The right rheological arrangement and structures are the vital key in choosing paint with good stability.

Good stability also has an impact on good thickening properties. Chemically, many materials can work as additives. These materials are trusted for adjusting the rheological level of the paint that will be produced.

Other factors also affect the work of the thickener. One of the most dominant factors is viscosity. Viscosity expresses the resistance of fluid flow. It is the friction between liquid molecules with one another. A type of fluid that flows easily can be said to have a low viscosity. Some materials that are difficult to flow are said to have a high viscosity.

A good formula also considers other factors such as the type of binder, type of filler, or other solvents. It is highly recommended to get a good level of viscosity. Then what must be fulfilled to get it?

This viscosity is very dependent on the size and structure of the molecule. In principle, a viscous material has large molecules that bind to each other. These molecules work massively to produce friction on the internal side.

On the other hand, a mixture with small constituent molecules will not produce strong bonds so that it flows easily (does not bind strongly to each other). Therefore in the production, it is necessary to control the size of the molecules involved.

But in its application, the thickening liquid is controlled to have a sufficiently low viscosity with tight control. This is necessary to be done so that the paint does not easily fade and sag. So, where is the role of cellulose ether?

Cellulose ether here is part of organic non-associative thickeners. Cellulose ether has a medium to high viscosity rate, good stability, and anti-settling properties. In PVC acrylic paints, it works for low to high viscosity with good compatibility. It also works for improving water retention.

How to Treat Coating Thickener

Whatever coating thickener product you use, whether it is paint or mortar, you must treat it properly. The coating thickener should be stored at 5 to 400C in a dry and ventilated condition. Accidental freezes are possible at times. If this happens then the product should be placed in warm water then mixed thoroughly and thawed.

Another best practice for thickener is to store it in the original container when the product arrives after use. You can also use other containers made of stainless steel, glass, plastic, and epoxy resin.

Try not to store this thickener in containers made of copper, aluminum, or low-carbon steel. Low carbon steel or also known as mild steel has a carbon element content of less than 0.3%. This low-carbon steel is often found as a product of cold working.

Low-carbon steel has soft properties with weak strength compared to medium and high-carbon steel. Containers made of low-carbon steel should not be used as a storage place for coating thickener so as not to damage the product even though this steel has excellent ductility.

Short Guides for Choosing Coating Thickener

People are now more selective and smart in choosing products. The point is, don’t just choose but choose with consideration. Choosing coating thickener wisely will have a positive impact. Now many tips are shared in choosing a product. Let’s check it.

  1. People can be more aware of the packaging, whether it meets the standards or not. It is basic but it is very important. Since, every purchase whether for store shopping or online shopping, this would be the first impression to pay or leave. Because now a lot of fake goods. This makes it difficult for people to choose original products.
  2. People also need to think twice about choosing a product. This is closely related to finances or priority needs. Don’t just because of prestige or trend we buy products that will only end up being regrets. It also helps us to avoid consumptive behavior.
  3. Compare the benefits and quality of the product to be purchased. Because many manufacturers produce similar products, it must make people much more confused. We can find out in advance by asking experts or just reading related articles. Low prices are not the only thing we need to work on.
  4. Take a look at some of the reviews that can lead you to a unanimous decision to buy the product immediately. You can read reviews from previous users who were satisfied on the website of the company that produces the coating thickener or through chat and question-and-answer applications that are widely available on the internet. You can type the company name in the search column.
  5. Buy one of the products in small quantity and you can check the quality yourself. Sometimes we do have to sacrifice a little money and time to know which product is the best. There’s no harm in trying instead of getting misleading fake reviews, right?

Some factors need to be considered before buying or choosing cellulose ether for thickener in the coating. The factors influenced as the water-resistance of cellulose ether. Washability is also a vital consideration. It is very helpful for us if the products are easy to be washed and cleaned.

We can first see the profile of the products we want to purchase. Usually, detailed information is available to help us especially if we are new to it. If you cannot find detailed information, so you must skip that product.

Are we ready for the best cellulose ether for coating thickener?