How To Become a Prominent Coffee Bean Supplier?

by | Jul 12, 2022 | Coffee Bean

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Sipping coffee is a habit in our society that cannot be separated from daily routine. Whether morning, afternoon, evening, or night, it feels good to drink coffee. Even it’s better if accompanied by a package of snacks like fried bananas. In the past, the tradition of drinking coffee only belonged to specific age groups. Productive age group and elderly or parents stay in the first level. No wonder the coffee bean supplier always offers their products to the old men, middle-aged employees, and sometimes sophomores. 

These groups don’t just sip delicious coffee their wives or baristas make. Drinking coffee was the opportunity to share stories with peers. Then, as years went by, the trend of drinking coffee began to spread among young ages. 

The rise of contemporary or modern cafes with Instagrammable decorations makes young people compete to enjoy the cafe atmosphere while drinking coffee, any kind of mixture of coffee sold there. They do what we call ‘selfies’ or ‘selca’ together with the coffee products they drink and then upload the photos to social media. They also put various interesting captions with specific hashtags (#). It sounds like #coffee, #hangoutwithcoffee, #cafe, etc. This could also be great marketing for the coffee products and the cafes.  

Many coffee entrepreneurs or cafe owners are being motivated by this millennial wave. They offer various coffee concoctions that they hope to satisfy all customers. Especially millennial customers who bring a lot of beneficial vibes to these Instagrammable cafes. By the time more cafes are built, then there is also a need for more coffee as we know that coffee is identical to cafes. 

Then, do you feel that our society of all ages now is very critical of the ‘modern-day food and beverage products? They not only enjoy coffee but are also very curious about how to mix coffee into delicious beyond measure one. The baristas also take part in the promotion. They do the attraction with visitors in a cafe. And it’s a common sight today. 

So, you don’t want to miss this golden opportunity to be a coffee bean supplier to these cafes and other coffee outlets, right? 

Grasp These When You’re Serious 

The first thing you should do when you have determined to be the coffee supplier is to know which coffee is the best-selling, the most in-demand, and least in-demand at the market. If you already know these three types of coffee, then it will be easier for you to do the next step, like making a specific purchase plan in the future. You can do this to prevent wasting money on your early business. 

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Purchase The Coffee Beans

The next stage you should do as the coffee bean supplier is to purchase the best coffee beans. If you stay in Indonesia, you don’t have to worry about the availability of great natural products. 

In Indonesia, the best-selling coffees include Gayo, Arabica coffee from Toraja, and coffees from several regions in Java. Meanwhile, all types of Arabica and Robusta coffee are never absent from the world’s best-selling coffee list. Some coffee-producing areas that you can visit to buy coffee beans directly from farmers include Central Java, East Java, West Java, Toraja, Aceh, Lampung, Flores, and Bali (Kintamani). 

Today, the Wamena coffee of Papua is among the highest in demand. However, it is rather difficult to fulfill the market demand because of limited supply. As the coffee bean supplier, you must be competent in controlling market demand for this rare coffee. Maybe you can work together with other suppliers to meet the high demand for this rare coffee. Keep the good bounding with your customers to get the next repeated orders.   

Mind Your Selling 

After getting the best coffee beans, you can directly sell them in various ways. It is good enough if you sell coffee beans in packs of 200 grams, 500 grams, or even 1 kilogram. If you sell it in bulk to be supplied to cafes, restaurants, or hotels, you can simply pack it with no brand. Sometimes, brand making requires a high budget. High prices for a beginner coffee bean supplier will often not be considered by a number of buyer companies. They will immediately look for other suppliers that sell quality coffee beans at reasonable prices for their budget. 

If you want to sell it with your brand, pack it as attractive as possible. Then, you can use social media such as Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook or the leading marketplace in Indonesia as your marketing tools. Don’t forget to introduce yourself as a coffee beans supplier with your profile and name card.