Coffee Supplier In Indonesia

by | Jul 14, 2022 | Coffee Bean

Coffee Supplier In Indonesia Arabica Robusta

Indonesia has become the fourth in line among the world’s coffee suppliers. Indonesia has produced more than 600.000 tons. There are differences between Indonesia coffee and other countries. How come? Let’s find out and check some information about a coffee supplier in Indonesia.

Coffee, The Most Popular Drink In The World

Coffee has become the most popular drink in the world. People of many ages variation can enjoy coffee in their drinks or foods. This is because coffee has a natural taste that is suitable not only for drinks but also for bread, pudding, ice cream, and many more. Coffee also could give a fresh effect after a person drinks it. This is because coffee has caffeine in it. Caffeine can push the heartbeat to become faster, so blood circulation is better. It makes the oxygen can separate from the whole body and make the body feels fresh. The fresh feeling has made people prepare this drink on a busy day. 

Coffee also can be mixed with other ingredients, such as milk, cream, sugar, cinnamon, honey, and many more. It also brings a pleasant odor when coffee uses as bread ingredients. 

There are many ways to enjoy coffee drinks. Almost every country has its method. For example, Vietnam has a Vietnam drip. It’s a way to get the coffee extract, using a cup with a filter under it so the extract will drop one by one. It takes time, but the taste of the coffee extract is so nice. 

In Indonesia, lately, coffee has become a part of the lifestyle. People come to the coffee shop to meet friends and enjoy the coffee. Each coffee shop offers specialty coffee drinks that combine with snacks or meals. The choices can make consumers curious to come back.

As the coffee industry grows, the coffee supplier is also needed. Coffee suppliers can connect coffee farmers to the coffee industry. It can help both the farmer and the consumers. 

Coffee Supplier In Indonesia

Indonesia started a coffee plantation in about 18 century when the Dutch colonized this country. During that colonization period, Java has supply coffee for the Europe market. But the farmer could have nothing because they have no right to manage their products and market. 

Since Indonesia gained its freedom, the coffee industry has also been affected. As it plants that brought by colonial country, it may become a reminder of colonization situation. But then the coffee farmer can prove that coffee can be an excellent commodity for Indonesia to export to the world. 

Indonesia has become the fourth in-line coffee exporter country. This proves that the world’s market accepts Indonesian coffee. This condition must be a plus number for Indonesia’s farmers so that they must take care of their coffee and keep it good quality.

Indonesia’s market has also grown by the increase in coffee shops. Almost in every city in Indonesia, you can find a coffee shop. In Indonesia, the coffee shop has become a place to hang out and meet each other. Coffee shop owner designs their place to fulfill the need to meet up. This has become the culture in many cities.

Indonesia’s coffees are rich in taste. Each district has its own coffee character. For example, coffee from Java is famous for the taste of flowers, fruits, tobacco, nuts, and many more. The aftertaste is also so nice. Indonesia also has special coffee named Luwak coffee

Luwak is the animal’s name that eats coffee and other small fruits and beans. Since Luwak’s stomach can’t process the beans, they throw them from the stomach together with the feces. This makes the coffee has natural fermentation by Luwak’s stomach acid. The natural fermentation makes the taste very good. Luwak coffee has ever become the most expensive drink in the world. The high price is reasonable because Luwak is a wild animal, so fermented coffee is rarely got. 

There are many districts that produce coffee, such as Gayo, Lampung, Central Java, East Java, Bali, Flores, Toraja, and Papua. Each of them offers exceptional coffee with a specific taste and odor. Indonesia produces both Arabica and robusta. As an exporter country of coffee, Indonesian people mostly prefer robusta to Arabica. 

Indonesia coffee is acceptable both inside the country and in others. A large amount of coffee products makes Indonesia the fourth-line of coffee supplier country.