Do You Want To Be A Coffee Supplier?

by | Jul 13, 2022 | Coffee Bean

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Coffee is a potent drink offered by God to humankind without exception. All can enjoy the delicious coffee that we easily find in all corners of the world. Indonesia is a paradise of coffee. Many places in this country are the largest productive land of coffee producers in the world. People flock to these places in order to hunt down selected coffee beans that are ready to lull you into incomparable daily pleasures, including coffee suppliers. He is just like the beautiful bridge between coffee drinkers and coffee farmers. 

Side Business Or Main Business? 

You might be an employee that is still hesitant to get fully involved in this business. On the other side, you have no courage to resign from your office, which gives you a monthly salary. Just be calm. You’re not alone struggling in this situation. Many prospective coffee bean suppliers run this business as a side business while doing the main work. They buy coffee beans from farmers they know well. Then, with a little capital and effort, they pack the coffee beans with their own brand and attractive packaging. Next, they start promoting their products by offering them to their closest friends, relatives, and or their fellows on social media. 

For the next step, if you see some profits and regular customers, we’re sure that if your coffee beans are highly good in quality, it is easy to get regular customers. So, you can start another bigger plan, which is to do this business into the main business. The coffee bean supplier should already understand the coffee processing technique, which will make the price go up to the quality.

Successful Coffee Bean Supplier

Many people assume that being a coffee supplier is an easy job that doesn’t require a lot of money. That’s how it is. Even a supplier may not need capital at all. These coffee suppliers only need to build good business relationships with coffee farmers or coffee factories that keep coffee beans from the harvest. 

However, for a successful coffee bean supplier, he needs super patience in order to get high-quality coffee beans. Here is the flow. The coffee beans he got from the farmer or factory did not just go on the market without any special touch. The supplier worked with the farmer to create a particular flavor while processing coffee beans. Yeah, it is called ‘process’ in the coffee world. So, here is some coffee process you should know to be a successful coffee bean supplier. 

Coffee Processing Techniques

There are some techniques in the processing of coffee. Each processing determines the taste of your coffee. As we know, the coffee bean, or among farmers called ‘coffee cherry’ has a structure that consists of outer shell skin. This skin is well known as pericarp, which is the most frequently cleaned or washed. However, some farmers know that this layer of pericarp can provide a better taste for coffee. 

Pericarp consists of several layers: skin, flesh, a layer of sap, and parchment. Especially for the sap layer generally consists of natural sugar and a kind of alcoholic substance. So, coffee processing is the process of separating seeds from their skin or flesh. 

Dry Process Coffee Beans

The dry process is also called a natural process that is often done by many coffee farmers. Coffee beans that are still complete with all the layers will be placed on a long table with a certain height and with a plastic mat. You can also prepare a special table like a table with an airflow system so that the coffee dries evenly and is not rotten when packaged for long-term storage. The coffee beans will be dried in direct sunlight. This process makes the coffee acidity low and the taste like a variety of tropical fruits. 

Totally Washed Coffee Beans

This process makes coffee look clean and light, with little fruit taste and medium acidity. Coffee beans will be sorted by soaking them in water. The sinking coffee beans will be taken for the next process. Meanwhile, floating coffee beans will be discarded. Then, using a depulper machine, the outer skin will be removed. Then, the coffee beans will be put back into a large container filled with water to clean the remnants of the skin. So, are you ready now to be a successful coffee supplier? Treat your coffee well!