Cooking Fried Rice with Healthy Pan

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Cooking Fried Rice with Healthy Pan

Fried rice is a simple and delicious food. Many people like fried rice. It is just made from rice and seasoned with proper seasoning like soy sauce, a little salt, and so on. There are some accompaniments that you can try. Some vegetables like peas, carrots, and cauliflower are good veggies. You can also add egg, meat, and shrimp. It is based on your favorite accompaniment. Is fried rice good for your health? Fried rice contains many calories and fat. But it is possible to cook healthy fried rice by using a healthy pan. Using a healthy pan to cook fried rice will reduce the fat inside. Let’s check tips and tricks to cook healthy fried rice.

Use Cold Rice To Fry

Cold rice is suitable for creating the perfect fried rice. Cold rice will lose excess moisture, and it will make the fried rice becomes better for frying. If you want healthier fried rice, you can use brown rice. Brown rice has a good texture compared to make fried rice. But you can use other kinds of rice, such as white rice. It is not a problem. 

The wrong step is when you use the hot rice to make the fried rice. Hot rice has high moisture, so it will not be good to cook fried rice. If you don’t want your fried rice to become soggy and messy, use just cold rice that has been cold for one night. Using cold rice will make your fried rice nice and crispy. So you can get the perfect texture of delicious fried rice. 

Heat The Pan At A Medium Temperature

To cook fried rice well, use medium or high temperatures. Continuously stir your fried rice frequently after you add the seasoning. The fried rice will be cooked evenly. However, if we use a non-stick pan to make the rice not sticky on your pan; a high temperature is not suggested. It is better to use medium heat, to make sure the coating is safe. The best thing about nonsticky pan is PFOA and PFOS free. How is a non-stick pan that we say is a healthy pan? We will discuss this soon.

Add Kinds Of Vegetables That You Like

You are free to add vegetables that you like. The recommendation of accompaniment that you can choose for your fried rice is cauliflower. Cauliflower is good for your health because it contains lower carbs. But it is acceptable if you use carrots, cabbage, peas, green onions, and so on.

Add Some Protein To Create The Perfect Taste Of The Fried Rice

For the perfect taste of fried rice, add some protein such as meat, egg, chicken, shrimp, tofu, and so on. Cook the protein first before adding it as a compliment to fried rice. You can fry the shrimp, tofu, and other protein first. The purpose is to make sure that the compliments are done well. 

Trick To Make Fried Rice Low Fat 

Fried rice contains high fat. But we can create low-fat fried rice by doing some tricks. What are the tricks? First, use a little oil to stir the fried rice seasoning. A little oil will make your fried rice keep dry well and not soggy and messy. 

The second is to add lower-carb vegetables. Cauliflower is a suitable vegetable that you can choose from. The third is to add the egg. The egg is high in protein and low in fat. Don’t add other protein again if you add the egg. It is to keep your fried rice is still healthy for you because it just has a little fat which is good for your diet. 

How Is The Healthy Pan That Suitable To Cook Fried Rice?

To make the fried rice healthier, you need a non-stick pan that has good quality. You can choose a non-stick pan covered by C3. C3 layer has been proved in cooking delicate food such as fried rice. It is not sticky on the pan and is safe from PFOA and PFOS. It is German technology, and it is recommended just for us who care healthy food for our family. 

Besides, it is free from PFOA and PFOS; you just need a little oil, without sticky and a little smoke, around your kitchen. Your kitchen will still be healthy without smoke when you cook. It is easy to clean; the most important thing is a healthy pan. Cooking fried rice with a healthy non-stick pan will make the fried rice more nutritious. 

So, don’t think twice about getting a healthy non-stick pan, especially for you who like fried rice but always have a problem cooking fried rice. Particularly the sticky fried rice, the solution is to use a non-stick frying pan that healthy and presents you with low-fat fried rice.