Disadvantages of Underfloor Heating, Are There Any?

by | Mar 31, 2022 | HVAC

Disadvantages of Underfloor Heating

We certainly wonder about the disadvantages of underfloor heating. How about safety? Is it harmless for us? Let’s begin the journey from the heating advantages. As we know, one of the types of underfloor heating is electric heating. That usually provides warmth to your houses with the efficiency of installing times. But have you ever thought about the dangers of underfloor heating?

In the beginning, this system is popularly used in the bathroom. The reason is various based on the user’s needs. Generally, underfloor heating works by increasing the warmth level of a room. So the residents will feel comfortable after bathing. You can imagine how charming and relaxing it is. As people feel the relaxation of the heating, we may wonder how that will harm the users. 

How the underfloor heating guarantees safety. In simple ways, we got the theory that water goes badly with electricity. As we know, the combination of these two elements will be hazardous. It may result from the dangers of underfloor heating. You certainly can check the fact that underfloor heating is safe anyway. However, users need to do some preventing actions. These would be done during or after the process of installation. 

Preventing the System Damage of the Heating

In visiting new places with a heating system or just at our home, we may worry about something. Do we experience the electrical shock inside the room? The answer is it would be impossible since the underfloor heating is designed as well as possible. Including the safety, it’s also been tested over the years to maintain the user’s safety. So, we can say that this product is safe.

However, in installing those products, we can ignore even just a thing. You can ask for help from professional technicians. This could be a better choice to prevent the mistake in installation. Besides, we have summed up some prevention ways to minimize the dangers of underfloor heating. Check them out!

1. Do the Pressure Test for the system

This will be beneficial for you to do before the installation is done. You can reach the pipe before the floor finishing. As the pipe has been installed and put into the manifold, you can test the system first. The prevention action is done do the pressure test. Here you can test by having the water streams.

Ask the supplier about the manual and standard. As simple as you cannot get the guide, skip this product. You can recheck the pipe after the testing process. It is done to make sure the water cannot freeze.

2. Put More Protection on the Pipes

You need to pay more attention to the pipes. The covering will be easy to be damaged. The actions such as dropping the block and the timber could break the pipes. So, take some protection as soon as the installation of pipes. 

3. Maintain the System from Freeze

As the installation on progresses, you can ask the workers to make sure the system. The system is resistant, so you should be careful. One of the things you should consider is freezing. This kind of damage is one of the dangers and disadvantages of underfloor heating if not properly installed. However, this could not be easy to detect. But the movement can affect the structure of the installed pipes. As time flows, it could be worse over the years.

4. Apply the Insulation Over the Edges

This works better to maintain from worse broken. This is not about the cheap price. Safety is number one. So, it is the thing you should take to prevent the danger of the system. Do not hesitate to do so.

5. Tell Others About the Pipe Installation

This cannot be ignored since it can harm people. If someday, a worker comes to repair your kitchen set or others, it’s better to say so. The misplacement of putting the screw or nail will break the pipes. It may be okay at first, but it typically will be worse and cause the corroding.

These are all the things you should know. You had better choose the relevant and professional manufacturers. Now, it is your turn. Have you decided on your choice? Do not worry about the disadvantages of underfloor heating.