Electric underfloor heating Vs Water underfloor heating

by | May 28, 2022 | HVAC

Electric underfloor heating Vs Water underfloor heating

You shouldn’t rush into buying and installing underfloor heating. This tool will be used for a period of up to decades; that’s why you must be selective in choosing products from the best suppliers. It takes much basic knowledge about this product, including the types, namely electric underfloor heating and some water-based.

At a glance, underfloor heating is a technological product that can warm a room as needed for various types of purposes. Until now, electric underfloor heating was considered superior to other heating devices for many reasons. Among them are the factors of its safe and practical use, energy-saving, and its usability that can reach tens of years.

When you want to install underfloor heating, you have to dig up some information so you can be precise in choosing the right product and also be skilled at determining reliable suppliers. In general, underfloor heating can be divided into two types, namely water-based and electricity-based. In this article, we will study and compare the two. Let’s look at the following description.

Get to Know Water-Based Underfloor Heating

This type of water heater has a heating circuit that contains channels of heated water. This water channel is the main heating source which will have an impact on increasing the temperature of the air throughout the room when it is heated. Water-based underfloor heating has many components, namely pipes that deliver hot water, electrical devices, plungers, and others.

Underfloor heating can also be said to be a traditional way because it is imitated by a system that was already used by people in ancient times. For example, the Romans had designed underfloor heating devices from the flow of hot water. Likewise, people in Korea who have designed and implemented heating devices with a similar working principle are called ondol.

Get to know Electric Underfloor Heating

If a water-based underfloor heater relies on a source of heat from the water in the pipes, then this one heater directly converts electrical energy into heat energy. This kind of heater is more practical and popular because it can be installed and operated independently. But of course, you can still use an installation service if needed.

It has a heating mat covered with a floor covering. Some manufacturers even design it like a carpet to make installation easier. Besides being more practical, this tool is also more energy-efficient in its use, and the price is more affordable than water-based underfloor heating.

Placement Dynamics

Underfloor heating that is driven by hydropower is indeed more troublesome to install, but its placement is more dynamic because it can be installed in wet or dry systems. Meanwhile, electric underfloor heating tends to be recommended for areas with dry systems only.

Electric underfloor heating Vs Water Components

In general, the components of the two types of underfloor heating are almost the same. The only significant difference may be from the heat source because one has plumbing pipes while the other does not. But basically, these two types of underfloor heating have the following components:

  • The insulating layer is protected by a covering, then overlaid again by the actual floor.
  • Heating elements, the components in this section depend on the base used by the underfloor heater to generate heat.
  • Screed or load distribution layer.

Underfloor heating of any type also has supporting components, including actuators, temperature monitors, heating circuit distributors, and thermostats. Despite their additional status, these components are quite important in matters of heat control. That way, you can adjust the room heat as needed, and you can easily turn off and on the underfloor heating device as needed.

Finally, whatever type of underfloor heating you choose, all must be tailored to your needs and abilities. Both electric underfloor heating and water-based have their respective advantages and disadvantages. If you are still confused about which type of space heater to choose, don’t hesitate to consult a trusted supplier.

You can even ask here, to be precise, to our email. Our team will answer quickly and clearly, and provide solutions to help you get good quality electric underfloor heating. You also have the opportunity to get good and reliable supplier recommendations so that the search for a good underfloor heater can be more practical and hassle-free.