How To Improve The Energy Efficiency Of Underfloor Heating?

by | Jun 30, 2022 | HVAC

Energy Efficiency Of Underfloor Heating

Energy efficiency is a fundamental aspect of saving our bills and also for our comfort. Indeed, a bad energy efficiency plan can cause discomfort and decrease our rest time quality. That is why it is very important to take it into account. Here, we have prepared some tips to improve your energy efficiency of underfloor heating.

Improve the Energy Efficiency of Underfloor Heating

There are different dimensions on which we can act to improve our energy efficiency. In this way, we have divided them by points. So, it is much easier to identify each point.

Thermal Insulation

Perhaps it is the most important point when it comes to improving the energy efficiency of underfloor heating. Installing it in the wrong place can reduce the level of efficiency. For example, installing on the wrong floor where a lot of furniture is there will affect heating performance because the interior temperature will affect heating performance.

It should also be added that the time to implement our thermal insulation is also a good time to increase acoustic insulation. With materials that can fulfill both functions, such as extruded polystyrene, polyurethane foams, or fiberglass, we will be able to protect ourselves from two factors harmful to our comfort.

Combat Thermal Bridging

The thermal bridge is the phenomenon where the insulation of the house is interrupted, and this area causes the thermal inertia to be lost. We will give an example to clarify it: in the past, it was very typical when building houses to make a hole for the radiator under the window so that it would not be in the middle or be annoying. This area is a thermal bridge because the thickness of the wall has been reduced and has been left unprotected in terms of energy efficiency.

This phenomenon also applies to glass. It happens that, being a thin material and in direct contact with the outside, it can cause energy efficiency losses. To do this, it is best to replace our old glasses with others with a Climalit air chamber. Glasses with a low solar factor are also interesting, especially in summer. 

On the other hand, there are other spaces where so-called thermal bridges are generated and that we do not normally monitor. It happens with the drums of the blinds, usually in cold areas, and exposed to the effect of loss of insulation. It is also advisable to replace the old ones with new systems that have built-in insulators.

Improve Installation

The other most important factor in improving the energy efficiency of underfloor heating is by paying attention to the installation. The energy efficiency of our installation is to be very attentive to its components. For example, we will replace elements such as old boilers with high-performance ones. A good option is biomass boilers or condensing ones. With them (if we can), the installation of underfloor heating would be a good option.

In the case of underfloor heating, it must be said that it is a very efficient technology. In recent times it has significantly lowered the installation costs, even if you are possible to install it yourself. We refer to the electric underfloor heating, which is laid by panels.

If you have radiators at home, we want to remind you of the existence of thermostatic valves that can contribute significantly to improving energy efficiency. Likewise, we recommend that you carefully monitor the correct operation and programming of control elements such as programmers or thermostats.

Within the range of thermostatic valves, the thermostatic valve with self-balancing should be highlighted. This valve combines a thermostatic valve and a differential pressure controller in a single device. This gives the valve full authority to regulate the flow. 

By mounting this type of valve, problems caused by excess or lack of flow are avoided. The flow of water that must pass through each radiator is adjusted directly on the valve. The user will not lose comfort level, as it is not affected by the other user’s operation of the radiator.

Regarding this programming, it is also necessary to propose hourly programming. This can be done from the control console itself or even from our mobile phone in the case of some manufacturers.

The Renewable Energies

If possible, the installation of renewable energy is very beneficial in terms of energy efficiency.

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