EPC Fire Fighting System to Protect Your Valuable Assets

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EPC fire fighting system and prevention in Indonesia Singapore 

Fire hazard is not always easy to avoid. Wherever we are, the fire hazard will always lurk. Fire hazards can occur due to human error, negligence of people who smoke, chipped electrical cables because they are far from routine maintenance, and much more. Consult a fire protection system in your building with a fire protection specialist who has a professional engineering team in their field. When you are planning the construction of a building, you should also focus on the EPC fire fighting system as reliable fire protection.

EPC Fire Fighting System Installation Coverage

All types of buildings should be installed with a good EPC fire fighting system. Valuable assets that you store in the bank, home, office, or shop can be protected from fire hazards that can occur at any time. You may keep some money or jewelry in a safe or cupboard. 

When a fire occurs, the fire protection system will detect smoke or fire and then send a signal that makes the fire alarm sound. While waiting for the firefighters to arrive at the fire site, a fire extinguishing system that protects all parts of the room in your building will prevent the fire from spreading in all directions. 

A building or residential may have a fire sprinkler as active fire protection consisting of a sufficient water supply system to extinguish the fire. Factories and large-scale commercial buildings usually have this fire protection system. In comparison, homes and small buildings can have a fire sprinkler protection system at a lower cost. More than 40 million sprinkler heads of international standards are installed annually as a fire fighting effort which is widely used throughout the world. 

You can apply EPC fire fighting system installation to archive logistic rooms, server rooms, homes, workspaces in office areas, data centers, restaurants, kitchens, production rooms, showrooms, and other public facilities. 

Cheapest Fire Fighting System

Water is a very abundant source of fire extinguishers all around us. Public water systems are ubiquitous, and they are cheap and very effective at absorbing heat so that fires can be put out. 

EPC fire fighting system with water is available in the form of a fire hydrant system. If the firefighters apply properly, this fire extinguisher source can extinguish the fire in a relatively short time. If a building or site has a fire hydrant system installed properly, then this can be a long-term investment in environmental protection from fire with appropriate engineering standards. 

Water Spray System

Three-dimensional equipment that is usually in the horizontal floor area of a room requires a protection system that uses water spray. The equipment is an electrical transformer used for turbo-generator bearings or cooling. 

Water spray systems are usually installed externally on the surface of a tank containing a flammable liquid or gas. Water spray systems have a spray pattern of exhaust nozzles for patterns associated with three-dimensional properties such as ovals, full circles, fans, and narrow jets. The water spray pattern used is useful to prevent the tank from bursting or exploding and the fire from spreading. 

Wet Pipe System

Most fire sprinkler systems installed are wet pipe systems. The system is easy to use, highly reliable, and has an automatic alarm check valve. An automatic water cooker provides water under pressure to the piping system. 

In an area that uses NFPA regulatory standards, wet pipe systems cannot be installed unless the ambient temperature range remains above 4 degrees Celsius or 40 degrees Fahrenheit. The maximum time for water distribution is limited to a maximum of 60 seconds. This is the time it takes for water to reach the remote sprinkler hydraulically from the time the sprinkler is activated. 

Some property owners will usually be more comfortable using an EPC fire fighting system with a dry pipe system sprinkler because they feel that a wet pipe system can leak water slowly. But it’s all returned to fire protection specialists with its reliable engineering team. You can consult the specialist about how well the sprinkler system is in place. 

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Great System to Protect

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