Factory Fire Safety According to Fire Protection Specialist

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Factory Fire Safety in Indonesia, fire protection contractor

Factory fire safety systems should not be applied carelessly. You can get information about fire protection from various sources such as the internet and books. However, you should still consult a fire protection specialist who has years of experience and works with a reliable engineering team. If you have any doubts about the ability of your workers to be able to implement a fire safety system in your factory, why not just hire the services of this fire protection specialist?

Identify the Factors That Cause Fires in Factory

The fire hazard level in a factory can increase or decrease due to several factors. The number of employees in the factory and the care of each of them are factors that can determine the level of fire hazard. The more the number of employees in a factory, the higher the level of fire hazards. Especially if almost 50% of these employees are not people who are always alert if they see something that has the potential to cause a fire. 

The category of work performed in a factory sector also determines the level of fire hazard. Is this work related to electricity, welding metal materials, or packing goods using an electric conveyor where maintenance of the electrical circuit is not carried out regularly? 

Work time is also quite significant in determining the level of fire hazards. It becomes quite high when the rest of the day work has to be completed at night within a certain period regularly, which can cause machines to wear out and easily cause human errors. 

Many factors increase the level of fire hazards in a factory. Each factory worker should recognize these fire hazard factors. Next, they can learn how to evacuate themselves in the event of a fire in the workplace. Factory managers should also prepare a factory fire safety system that has been planned with a fire protection specialist. 

Storage Warehouse Maintenance

Every factory must experience one of the significant obstacles like an overloaded warehouse. There are various products made of combustible materials stored in this overloaded warehouse. Friction from plastic materials, stone, metals, or wood, can potentially cause a certain level of fire hazard. This periodic inspection of the warehouse can reduce the potential risk of factory fires. 

You can check whether the items that are arranged can cause friction that can cause a fire or not. Then you can arrange them together so that the potential risk of fire can be reduced. If necessary, you can move the excess cargo in the warehouse to another more vacant room. Don’t forget to take care of this room by cleaning the room regularly and closing the holes for the entrance of animals like rats outside the factory. 

You can also install smoke or fire detectors in the warehouse. If at any time there is a fire, this detector will give a signal to the factory guard. Meanwhile, you should also conduct rigorous fire-fighting training for your factory workers according to the factory fire safety system procedures that you discussed with the fire protection specialist. 

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The Importance of Fire Protection in Factory

The factory fire security system includes fire protection which is important to implement considering that the factory has quite complicated electrical installations and uses machines that use electricity. Factory fire protection aims at the following:

  • To anticipate the occurrence of fires by installing an automatic fire extinguishing system at the factory.
  • Provide an understanding of the engineering process in the factory, where it will be explained clearly how the installation process is good so that the safety of the factory can be maximized.
  • To make the workers be alert in case of fire and have a chance to escape to the evacuation route. 
  • It can reduce the risk of work accidents when a fire occurs.
  • It can help the fire-fighting process to be faster. 

Additional Tips

You can also reduce the spread of fire and damage by installing steel doors instead of standard wooden ones in your factory. Steel doors have a high fire-resistance rating. It must be installed as evacuation doors and, if necessary, at all door accesses.

Another tip you could consider is installing solar lights in your factory. It doesn’t have many wirings and, in many cases, no wiring at all. Additionally, it will not cause a short circuit that will break all the electricity.

Fire Protection Specialist in Jakarta, Indonesia

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