Is It Possible To Build Fair Trade Vanilla Beans Bulk That Is Truly Fair?

by | Jan 3, 2020 | Vanilla Beans

Is It Possible To Build Fair Trade Vanilla Beans Bulk That Is Truly Fair?

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In the business world, we are familiar with conventional trade and fair trade. Both of them go hand in hand to become a bridge between producers, sellers, and buyers. Sometimes the two collide in an atmosphere of unfair competition. Any product can be distributed to buyers through fair trade or conventional trade. However, fair trade will focus more on producers such as farmers, fishermen, artisans, etc who are always marginalized. Coffee, vanilla, and chocolates are commodities that are often distributed through fair trade. You can get fair trade vanilla beans bulk from direct producers or farmers with safe. This could be beneficial for producers and all parties.

Why Farmers Need Fair Trade

 Fairtrade has existed since the late 1940s in the United States. A nonprofit fair trade retailer named SERRV International began its trading commitments with the poor in the South. Then, the Ten Thousand Villages, also a non-profit fair trade organization, began buying crafts from Puerto Rico in 1946. Ten Thousand Villages is committed to promoting handicraft products made by poor craftsmen. More than 120 groups of craftsmen from more than 35 countries have been assisted by Ten Thousand Villages. Then, the first formal Fair Trade Store opened in 1958 in the United States. This marks the seriousness of the non-profit fair trade organization in helping producers improve their standard of living.

It took a long time to enter the food sector convincingly. Around the 60s, the first Fair Trade Certification for vanilla was released. The lucky farmer came from India. Jai Chaitanya Dasa founded the Eco-Agri Research Foundation which helps the lives of poor people and tribes in India. Vanilla farmers do need this fair trade vanilla beans bulk for the sustainability of the business and their whole life.

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The Definition Of Fair Trade

The existence of a fair trade organization is very supportive of small scale farmers in various countries. The World fair Trade Organization even concludes a firm definition of this fair trade.

“Fairtrade is a trade partnership, based on dialogue, transparency, and respect, which seeks greater justice in international trade. This contributes to sustainable development by offering better trade conditions for and securing the rights of, marginalized producers, workers – especially in the South. The Fair Trade Organization, supported by consumers, is actively involved in supporting producers, raising awareness and campaigning for changes in conventional international trade rules and practices.”

Fair Trade Vanilla Beans Bulk

Fairtrade is very important in the vanilla beans business. There are strong factors that underlie it all.

  • The vanilla beans lands in Madagascar are often hit by hurricanes and storms. This makes the world’s vanilla beans supply shrinking to an intolerable threshold. As a result, many suppliers, in this case also farmers, submit unripe vanilla beans to the market. This makes consumers disappoint. The sustainable impact is that many commercial food producers decide to replace original vanilla with synthetic vanilla. Vanilla prices fell to the point where farmers could not survive.
  • The fair trade vanilla beans bulk organization helps stabilize the business of farmers and strengthen their communities again. Besides, fair trade guarantees farmers receive competitive prices.
  • Fairtrade allows workers to be paid above the average level. Although the harvest is being difficult due to weather constraints.
  • Customers can rely on the fair trade vanilla beans bulk because the farms using sustainable practices like preventing erosion and growing shade for best production. The producers can survive in any condition.

It is very helpful if customers can purchase vanilla beans bulk through fair trade. They can support farmers, vanilla beans business sustainability, and the economic growth of the countries.