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by | Dec 27, 2019 | Vanilla Beans

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“Sir Jasper Bliss grated a large green pumpkin while humming the names of two lonely customers three times. Then Sir Bliss sifted a floured fist and a fist sugar using a metal sieve. Sir Bliss sprinkled the two best vanilla Tahiti extracts onto the flour. Then, he mixes it with the battered egg of the Masked Love Bird, Agapornis personata, which Sir Bliss obtained from a psychic who had gathered from primitive jungles in Madagascar.”

This is the excerpt from a fantasy novel entitled Bliss that was released in 2012. Kathryn Littlewood is an American writer, comedian, and actress who wrote this epic novel. How captivating the vanilla is that Kathryn dropped a line about this interesting spice. She described the Tahitian vanilla neatly through what the main character did.

That’s vanilla. It can captivate your heart. I assume that Kathryn Littlewood had been enjoyed several dishes with vanilla in it so she was inspired to make this novel. It suddenly makes me want to find vanilla beans bulk near me to make cakes with this pricey spice.

Why Vanilla Has To Be Pricey?

Vanilla is one of the ingredients created by God with all its charms. One of the charms of vanilla is the unexpected rise in price. So, what causes vanilla so expensive?

  • It takes months to wait for vanilla fruit that grows on trees to be pollinated and then harvested. The pollination process must be done one day when the flowers bloom. After blooming, the flower will soon wither within 24 hours. Farmers need all the complicated and detailed works until harvest time for approximately 9 months.
  • Some of the best vanilla growing places are often hit by bad weather such as heavy rains all day, droughts, and hurricanes. This makes vanilla susceptible to damage, decay, and the detention of growth. Consequently, the natural vanilla supply on the world market has declined, so the price of vanilla is creeping up. Besides, businessmen must strive to overcome the emergence of fake vanilla that can crush their original products. This fake vanilla is similar to real vanilla at first glance.
  • Vanilla landowners must hire security and guard dogs to protect their land from theft. Over the past few years, vanilla beans bulk near me has been known by the public that the vanilla selling price is very tempting.
  • Vanilla contains antioxidants, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory which are very beneficial for health. Even chronic diseases can also use vanilla as one of their healing therapies.

Where To Find Vanilla Beans Bulk Near Me?

Vanilla beans are now very close to us. One tap of your index finger can lead you to your dearest vanilla beans. Just type in the right keywords you need, for example, vanilla beans bulk near me. In seconds, you will find rows of sellers who provide bulk vanilla beans for various purposes. Some are specialized in selling vanilla beans to make vanilla extract. Some others sell various vanilla from many countries. You can choose it as you wish.

If you feel that vanilla beans bulk near me is too expensive, why don’t you try becoming a supplier to the people around you?

Vanilla Beans Supplier

It is easy to become a supplier of vanilla beans now. Just look for vanilla beans bulk near me on a trusted shopping site or marketplace. Furthermore, you can ask them to join the business. Don’t forget to re-check the credibility of this vanilla beans business owner and its products. You can see the reviews from their customers on the website.

When your business runs smoothly, then you can also fulfill your needs on vanilla beans.

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