Important Facts about Fire Extinguisher Products

by | Mar 29, 2022 | Fire Protection

Fire Extinguisher Products Indonesia

Fire extinguisher products should be available in every home, office, and a variety of other types of properties. The existence of this tool can anticipate the fire effectively so that loss of property and life can be prevented. These recommendations must be accompanied by sufficient information about these products specifically and how the public can choose the fire-fighting products that are most needed.

Most importantly, anyone should be able to easily interact with firefighter companies to get maximum fire protection services. The following is a description of important information that you should know about fire extinguisher products:

1. Types of Fire Extinguisher Products

There are several types of Fire extinguishers Products, including extinguishing with fire, foam, wet chemicals, CO2, powder, and water mist. The selection of the right type of product must suit different fire classes.

2. Fire Extinguisher for Household

Fire Extinguishers that use water are classified as class A where they can be relied on to extinguish flammable objects but also easily extinguished, including light materials such as wood, paper, and textile materials. So, it is very suitable for use by every household.

3. Fire Extinguisher for Electricity

Fire extinguishers that use foam are suitable for dealing with fire sources originating from flammable liquids and simple electrical equipment. Fire sprinklers that use CO2 and other types are used for heavier fire sources such as complex electrical installations and flammable gasses.

4. Color Code

Each product is usually packaged with relatively the same tube and atomizer. But don’t worry because they are distinguished by the color code printed on the outside of the tube. For example, the label for a water fire extinguisher is red, while for CO2, it is labeled black.

5. Anticipate Danger When Using Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguisher products that use powder are not suitable for small and cramped spaces. The reason is that the fire extinguisher powder is feared to be inhaled and endanger health. So, this tool is more suitable to be used as a means of protection in a large business center or warehouse. You should also wear protective clothing and a nose cover when using it.

6. Fire Extinguisher for Business Kitchen

Fire extinguishers that rely on wet chemicals are effective in extinguishing fires that originate from oil and grease. This tool is usually used in large kitchens in hotels and other culinary centers.

7. Varied Quality

The quality and capacity of fire extinguisher products will vary greatly, depending on who the manufacturer or supplier is. So you should be selective in choosing the right firefighter company when planning to buy any type of fire fighting product.

In addition to being selective, you should first consult with the selected company regarding the conditions of the place you want to protect from fire. A good company will usually provide the best advice and recommendations and adapt them to your ability to pay.

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