What You Need to Know Related to Frying Pan

by | Mar 31, 2022 | Cookware

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The frying pan is a kind of cookware that is used for frying in the kitchen. This is one of the important parts of the cooking experience. Of course, we need the best cookware to create delicious food in our house. The size of the pan is different from each other. There are 8, 10, and 12 inches. You can collect different sizes to add your cookware collection to your house. As we know, a fry pan is suitable for frying, sautéing, or steering. And before you buy the best pans and pots from a cookware supplier, it is better to know more about the quality.

Natural Finish Frying Pan

When we cook using this natural finish, it will be sticky. We must use oil to make it done. Using much oil makes fat more in the food. It is good for searing food. And the price of this frying pan is economical. But because it is sticky while frying, we must choose particular food which is suitable to fry on natural finish. Because using a natural finish consumes more fat, many chefs in the professional kitchen would rather choose a nonstick frying pan rather than the natural finish frying pan.

Nonsticky Pan

Nonstick pan, as its name is not sticky while frying. We don’t need to be worried about bad fat and its effects on health. This is easy to use and wash. This is very suitable for cooking an omelet, pancake, and so on. Although you use a little oil, it cannot be sticky, and your food can be cooked perfectly.

Nonsticky pan is made of the best quality material. It can be made from aluminum. Aluminum has good conductivity, so it can make the heat flat around the frying pan, and the food will be perfectly cooked. Aluminum which is coated with C3, makes it nonsticky. 

One of the weaknesses of a nonsticky frying pan with an unknown coating material is it can result in dangerous substances when the temperature is very hot. So, don’t use the high temperature for a long time during the cooking process. It can create PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic acid) and PFOS (Perfluorooctan sulphonate). 

They can cause cancer in the human body. While cooking at a very high temperature, PFOA and PFOS will be formed and mixed with the food. While we eat, the substances will stay in our bodies. If we consume for a long time, it can create cancer in our bodies.

So, we must pay attention to the temperature we use while cooking by using a nonsticky pan. But if you choose aluminum which uses a coating of C3, the effects are reduced. You can contact the frying pan supplier for further information related to this. 

What Should You Do to Make Your Frying Pan Durable And Long-Lasting

While using a pan, there are some points that you have to make to cook your food delicious, healthy and make your cookware durable.

  • Do not use a metal spatula to stir the food on the frying pan while cooking. The metal spatula is easy to scratch the coating. If the pan has scratches and stains on the surface, it is not good for health again. It is because while frying, we are afraid of PFOA and PFOS, which can cause cancer. So, use the wooden spatula to make your pan durable until a long time.
  • You need to season your pan regularly. To make your aluminum pan still like the new one, the coating is still good, and a non-stick pan while cooking, you should always season it regularly. 
  • Clean with water and rub with soft material. It is better to wash the frying pan by hand rather than by dishwasher. But if you want to wash the frying pan using the dishwasher, make sure the detergent you used is saved for metal. 
  • Choose the best coating for the frying pan. You can contact a cookware supplier to buy the best coated frying pan with a nonsticky effect while cooking. You should choose a healthy cookware coated with C3. Usually, aluminum pans are coated with C8, and unfortunately, C8 is easier to scratch, especially at high temperatures. It can materialize PFOA and PFOS. So, choose the best frying pan from a good seller. The cookware supplier will supply you with the best cookware so you can collect many kinds of cookware in your lovely kitchen.

In conclusion, you should know the best quality of fry pan before you decide to buy it from a supplier. With knowing the quality and how to protect it, you can satisfy to use it comfortably, and it will be long-lasting in your kitchen. Stay cooking safely and healthy.