Take Your Halycon Days With Grade B Tahitian Vanilla Beans

by | Dec 5, 2019 | Vanilla Beans

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Live your life today because tomorrow won’t be the same. Do what you want to do. Do hobbies like you always do. That’s the motto of a person who positively faces the days. This motto can come to your way when you do the vanilla business. Even more than that. Every day feels like holidays. There’s only a moment of peace and happiness when you are in the vanilla bean business. The business of grade B Tahitian vanilla beans will take you to your holycon days.

Tahitian Vanilla Beans

Tahitian vanilla is one of the best quality vanilla beans in the world. This vanilla is well-known to have pleasant characteristics for the connoisseurs as well as culinary and perfume businessmen.

  • Tahitian vanilla beans are famous for its unique fruity aromas like cherry or caramel chocolate and licorice tones. When you add the best extraction of grade B Tahitian vanilla beans, you will get the dish that tastes more delicious and memorable.
  • Tahitian vanilla beans are pristine. You can see the pure vanilla powder after you dredge the beans with a tip pf small knife.
  • Tahitian vanilla has a lighter flavor than Madagascar vanilla.
  • Tahitian vanilla bean is best used in desserts such as ice cream, custard, and a fruit-based dish that do not need to be heated to prepare.
  • The aroma of Tahitian vanilla bean is so fine that makes it suitable to be added in fragrance products such as perfume, air freshener, soap, and shampoo.
  • There are three levels of Tahitian vanilla namely grade A Tahitian vanilla beans, grade B Tahitian vanilla beans, and grade C Tahitian vanilla beans. Grade A is usually used in the form of extracts and powder. While grade B is best used as an extract.

The Use Of Vanilla Extract

The exported and imported vanilla commodities are classified into two forms, namely whole beans (dried whole vanilla) and other vanilla products such as vanilla extract and powder. The vanilla extract is one of the vanilla products that are easier and widely used. The vanilla extract can be used for:

  • Give the flavor for desserts like ice cream, bread, custard, cakes, and beverages. The extract vanilla is also known as a flavoring dessert agent.
  • Give the scent for perfumes and cosmetics. The medicine manufactures use vanilla for a healthy purpose.
  • Lowering bad cholesterol levels in the blood. Vanilla contains antioxidants in sufficient quantities to beat the bad cholesterol in human bodies.
  • Vanilla extract from grade B Tahitian vanilla beans helps our body to release hormones that make a person happy and avoid stress. You can drink tea with vanilla extract or apply the vanilla essential oil around the forehead or nose.

Sell The Grade B Tahitian Vanilla Beans

Tahitian vanilla grade B is good to use in the process of making vanilla extract. Vanilla extract is made from dried vanilla using the conventional method of soaking the vanilla beans for 1 or 2 months. This dried vanilla is obtained from fresh vanilla beans which have gone through the curing process, which is the fermentation and drying process of fresh vanilla pods.

The fresh vanilla beans must go through a curing process because they have no aroma at all. The fruity aroma of grade B Tahitian vanilla beans extract can only be enjoyed after a long process. The demand for natural vanilla extract products that increases every year then encourages businessmen to use modern and faster vanilla extraction methods. They use a biological process with isolates enzyme that can accelerate the form of vanillin. Vanillin is a natural substance in vanilla that is beneficial for human health.

When you decide to sell grade B Tahitian vanilla beans extract, you can take the following steps:

  1. Sell natural vanilla extract from the factory that you already know the track record of.
  2. Make your vanilla extract.

The second way is more complicated, but the benefits can bring you to your holycon days.