Know These Before You Search For Green Bean Coffee Supplier

by | May 22, 2022 | Coffee Bean

Green Bean Coffee Supplier Indonesia Aceh

Green bean coffee supplier has become one of the most searched. This is because people believe that green bean coffee can help them lower their body weight. Is it true or a myth? Let’s find out. 

What Is Green Bean Coffee?

Green bean coffee is a raw coffee bean that hasn’t been roasted yet. You can also call it an unprocessed coffee bean. As the color is nearly green, then people call it a green bean. As we know, usually, coffee is harvested when it has become red cherry (the name for the red color of the bean’s skin, which is the sign that the bean is ripe). Although some farmers harvest it earlier, the best quality is red cherry. 

After being harvested, we need to sun dry the beans to lower the water content. This also makes the skin dry and easy to be separated from the beans. After sunbathing and cleaning from any skin, the bean will be stored for a month to get fermented and then able to be roasted and consumed. All this long process makes coffee have a unique taste and odor that make it the most popular drink in the world. 

The raw condition means the bean is separated from the skin and then sunbathed, but the green bean can be consumed after that. This short process makes the green bean has higher chlorogenate acid in it. This acid is trusted as an agent of good metabolism and blood sugar levels, so that can help the diet program. 

Green bean coffee supplier can help you find the coffee bean you need. You can ask them about the quality you want, the amount, and the kind of coffee. Will it be Arabica or Robusta, you can choose. 

Do And Don’t

Knowledge about green bean coffee as the helper agent in diet programs to lower body weight came from research. But people should be careful before using this diet helper because it should be researched more to find more side effects. The nutrition or chemical compound in it also needs to be more. 

To increase your knowledge about this, here are some the do and don’t about consuming green bean coffee:

  • Raw coffee has origin caffeine levels, which may have different effects on different people. Usually, caffeine consumption by new drinkers will make the people feel a sensation like a headache, being nervous, stronger heartbeat, tendentious to pee more, and stay awake longer. While coffee lovers will feel spiritful and fresh, get a more stable heartbeat, and be ready for anything after they drink coffee. 
  • Be sure to know that caffeine is safe for you. At least you know the caffeine level you can consume. You can find this information with self-experiments. Drink a low amount of caffeine and wait for the effect. On another day, try a higher amount. Increase the amount day by day and see how much you can consume. 
  • Green bean coffee is usually served as a supplement and natural product. Be sure to consult this with your diet doctor to get enough information. 
  • The research about green coffee beans hasn’t given enough information about the effect of the chlorogenate acid. If you feel unsure about using this, you better find another way to help your diet program. As we know, the best way to lower body weight is eating management that combines with sport and healthy life. Find the most appropriate way for you, and never be dependent on supplements. 
  • Caffeine consumption normally is not a recommended for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, people with the history of heart attack, people with high blood pressure, people with high level homocysteine hormone in their blood, high cholesterol persons, osteoporosis, people with irritable bowel syndrome, and people with high sugar blood level. The green bean, which is still raw, has an original caffeine level, significantly affecting people’s caffeine tolerance. Know your body condition before using this product so that you know it is safe for you and your health.  
  • Real coffee drinkers enjoy their coffee in an original way, that is, without sugar. This can help control the sugar level in the blood while enjoying the effect. Be wise with your drink consumption because drinking too many sweet drinks can make your body weight higher and cause diabetes risks.  

People with high body weight usually want an instant process to decrease their weight. They use supplements and products that are promoted can help to help them in a short time. A good green bean coffee supplier can help you to get away, but it is your choice to find the most appropriate way.