Knowing Deeply About Healthiest Non-Stick Pan

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Non-stick pan has still become the favorite cookware in the kitchen. The reason is that a non-stick pan can cook delicate food without worrying about breaking the food’s form. The taste is also good. Whether it can be made from copper, aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel, and ceramic can give other tastes. Non-stick pan can serve the best food for you and your family. Unfortunately, many controversies related to the healthiest non-stick pan. Some cookware cannot be heated at a high temperature because it can create dangerous substances. Do you want to know further? Let’s see the explanation below!

Non-Stick Pan And It’s Usefulness

A non-stick pan is usually used by people to cook in the kitchen. It becomes a favorite because you can cook food without being sticky there. Example of the food is fish, egg, pancake, and porridge. 

All of those are common food that we usually consume every day. Especially when you have kids at home, kids usually like an omelet, and when you cook with a non-stick pan, your omelet will be perfect in look, and the kids will like it so much. 

So, using a non-stick pan is very useful, but is it healthy? How is the healthiest non-stick pan? 

Is The Non-Stick Pan Healthy?

It is still controversial. On one side, cooking with a non-stick pan will make your food in looked perfect. You can cook with a little or without oil, so it will save you money to buy cooking oil. In addition, you can clean the non-stick pan easily. It just needs to rinse gently, water, and dry. 

After that, it is ready again to use. Well, on another side, research has been found that the coating of the non-stick pan can lose the toxic substances that dangerous for our bodies. The toxic can cause cancer, the problem with organ reproduction, and the problem in the kidney. 

When the non-stick pan is heated at a high temperature, especially without oil, it can lose toxic called PFOA ( perfluorooctanoic acid ) and PFOS ( perfluorooctanoic acid ). These substances can mix with the food while cooking, and these are dangerous if we eat them with the food. These substances can live for a long time in the human body, so we must avoid using non-stick pans at high temperatures.

One thing that you must remember about the non-stick coating pan is don’t use it again if the coating has been scratched. If the surface of the pan has many scratches, it will be dangerous to cook with this cookware. It is better not to use it again because it will be worry and can create toxicity while the cooking process. 

To keep your-non stick pan well, don’t use a metal spatula to stir the food on the pan. It is better to use a wooden spatula to stir the food into the frying pan. With this action, your non-stick pan will become durable and long-lasting. 

If a non-stick pan is dangerous in use at a high temperature, is there a healthies non-stick pan?

The Healthiest Non-Stick Pan

The coating of the non-stick pan is usually smooth, and it will not be sticky while the cooking process. It is caused by the coating named C8. It is a common coating material for a non-stick pan. The C8 makes the food not sticky while the cooking process, but it will be dangerous if cooking at a high temperature. 

There is a solution for this, and you must change your non-stick pan. Change it with a non-stick pan coated with C3. Non-stick pan coated by C3 comes from German. It is good to coat a non-stick pan. It is hard to scratch because this is the best coating material. Although it is a non-stick pan, it is safe for you to cook at a high temperature. A non-stick pan coated by C3 will not lose toxic substances for the body, PFOA, and PFOS. So, the food will be healthier.

The main point is the healthies non-stick pan is a non-stick pan coated by C3. Although it is expensive, it is healthier than other materials. So, don’t wrong to choose the best option for your family. 

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How To Treat Non-Stick Pan

So, you know the main point is to keep the non-stick pan well. If you have a non-stick pan coated by C3, you have a right to be proud. You just need to treat it well, so it will be long-lasting and durable for you. The treatment is that you need to polish the non-stick pan regularly. Use a little oil to heat it before you use the non-stick pan. Use a wooden spatula to make the coating still smooth. 

Enjoy the healthiest non-stick pan in your kitchen. If the best material is in your kitchen, you will not feel worried about the health of your family members. Using a non-stick pan is valuable and versatile for you, especially to cook delicate food. Do you want to buy it? Remember, choose the best option for your daily cooking!

What Should We Do With Cookware At Home, So It Doesn’t Harm Us In The Future?

When you choose to use a nonstick pan for health purposes, then you’re one step closer to having a better quality of life. You also need to treat cookware at home very carefully and not carelessly. It’s not just about extending the durability of the cookware, and it’s also about keeping the cookware at least close to the healthiest nonstick pan criteria. 

Do Not Use Iron or Steel Spatula

Never use a spatula made of iron or steel in a nonstick skillet. Hard materials over the nonstick coating will periodically scratch the surface of the pan. The flakes will also float along with your dish on the pan you are shaking when cooking. To make a long-lasting skillet, use a wooden or silicone spatula that is safe for your health. 

Do Not Wash Immediately

After cooking, people should keep their nonstick pans which are still hot, face away from the water source. Water flowing over a hot nonstick skillet can draw in or warp the shape of the pan. These extreme temperature changes can make uneven heat. 

Check the Dishwashing Liquid

The dishwashing liquid that you use to clean nonstick pans can trigger the coating to break, especially if you make this habit for a relatively long time. The safest nonstick pan should be made of a material that does not require great effort to clean. Such as aluminum pans with a nonstick coating like German technology Greblon C3. You only need to wipe it using a clean fabric. Pour water once the pan has cooled. 

Avoid Scratches

The pretty look of a nonstick skillet often makes you not want to take your eyes off it. By the time you finish cooking, you often don’t transfer the food from the pan to a serving plate. Then, you just serve food on the pan to the dining table. People around the table take food using cutlery such as spoons, forks, and knives in that pan. Cutlery made of stainless steel can scratch the coating of the pan. 

How do you save leftovers that you didn’t eat last night? You may do point 4. then, in a practical way you can do, you store the food and the nonstick pan in the refrigerator. You shouldn’t do this again because it can make the skillet’s function decrease.