How To Make Pancake With Healthy Frying Pan

by | Apr 2, 2022 | Cookware

How To Make Pancake With Healthy Frying Pan

Eating pancakes in the morning or afternoon, why not? Pancake is suitable not only for children but also for an adult before going to school and work. Pancake is good in fluffy and soft texture. Some people are confused about how to make a pancake. There are some mistakes in cooking, so the pancake will not be fluffy. To make pancake is easy if you know the tips and tricks. One of the tips on how to make pancakes is by using a healthy frying pan. Do you want to know more about how to make pancakes? Let’s check the explanation below!

Prepare All The Ingredients And A Healthy Frying Pan

To make a good pancake, and you need to prepare all of the ingredients and equipment related to cooking a pancake. The ingredients are flour, milk, egg, a little sugar. The equipment that you need is a measuring cup and spoon, whisk, large bowl, spatula, and healthy frying pan. Make sure that all of the ingredients and equipment are near you. It will make your step easier to combine all the ingredients. Use your pantry. Finding yourself becomes easier to cook because everything is near you. 

The Secret Is Baking Powder

To make your batter becomes rising, it is better to give resting time before cooking it on the pan. You need a good quality baking powder to add to your batter. 

 First, prepare the large bowl. Combine the dry ingredients into the bowl, flour, sugar, baking powder, and a pinch of salt. Whisk all to combine them. 

After that, add the wet ingredients. Pour milk, egg, and two tablespoons of vegetable oil. Whisk with the dry ingredients until they become soft. Before you cook in the frying pan, give the dough a resting time of 10 minutes. And then, heat the pan in medium-high heat. 

Remember, baking powder is the secret to making a rising and fluffy pancake. So, make sure you add baking powder to your batter and give a resting time for your batter before cooking it on the pan. Use the best baking powder, so your batter will rise perfectly.

Fry The Pancake For Five Minutes 

Many people are confused to deciding whether the pancake has been done or not done. The way to cook is simple and easy. Swirl a little oil into the pan, then pour two tablespoons of the batter into the non-stick pan. 

After that, wait until three minutes after the bubbles appear; you can flip the batter. Then, wait two minutes more. You can see the surface of the batter will become golden brown. If it is done, you can take it from the pan and serve it on the plate. 

To cook other pancakes, you just need to repeat the steps more. Swirl the pan with a little vegetable oil, add two tablespoons of batter, and wait three minutes first. After you see the bubble, you can flip it, and when the batter has become golden brown, it means the pancake is already done perfectly.

Do the steps again to cook the remaining batter. You can see with these ways, making pancakes as breakfast is easy and fast serving. The time to cook is not too long. You can cook pancakes for not more than 30 minutes. Wow! It is amazing, isn’t it? You just follow the steps above to practice an efficient pancake. To make it simple, you can add honey, jam, or sugar powder to create the delicious taste of pancake.

Another factor that holds the success of making pancakes is the healthy frying pan. Yes, use the healthy non-stick frying pan for cooking it perfectly without sticky.  

Use The Healthy Frying Pan

Use a healthy frying pan for cooking healthy food for your family. Pancake is a nutritious food. So, you must make the appearance of the pancake is perfect. The problem while making pancakes is the batter becomes sticky while frying on the pan. So, to make your pancake is better in taste and form, use a healthy frying pan. 

What is a healthy frying pan? A healthy frying pan means minimal oil, minimal smoke, and non-sticky. Those are the characteristics of a healthy frying pan. I suggest that you use a non-stick aluminum pan while cooking pancakes. Using a non-stick aluminum pan will help you in the kitchen. 

Your pancake will not be sticky on the pan. Besides, it is easy to clean. You just need to water it, rinse it, and find that it is easy to do. What is so special about this healthy frying pan? The surface of the pan is coated with C3. It guarantees free from PFOA and PFOS. Both substances are dangerous if we consume them every day. It can cause cancer. So, avoid using a standard non-stick pan. Use a non-stick aluminum pan coated with C3 and cook the best pancake for your lovely family.