Here Are The Unique Facts About Fresh Vanilla Beans

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Fresh Vanilla Beans Supplier From Indonesia

Fans of vanilla flavors and scents reach all ages, from children to adults to the elderly. They are widespread throughout the country and are always loyal to consuming a variety of vanilla-flavored foods. Are you one of the billions of people who love the taste and aroma of Fresh Vanilla Beans?

The popularity of vanilla beans is already undeniable. No wonder many entrepreneurs who require vanilla flavors and scents are always present in a variety of foods and perfumes, side by side with chocolate, milk, strawberries, and other popular flavors.

One of the most recommended suppliers is Vanilla Indonesia Company. Because through a company that has been operating for more than 30 years, you can get a variety of high-quality, affordable, and guaranteed vanilla beans.

In this article, let’s focus on gaining insight by finding out various unique facts about Fresh Vanilla Beans. Fans of vanilla flavors and scents will surely always be curious about all the info relating to vanilla, right? Without a lot of words, let’s consider the following description:

Originating From Mexico

Fresh Vanilla beans were first known by Indians living in the Mexican region. The researchers also agreed that the origin of the scientifically named plant vanilla planifolia originated from the area. The Indians also have long used vanilla beans for food fragrances as well as flavoring.

There Are Various Types Of Processed Products

You can use vanilla beans immediately after harvest to add a variety of flavors and aromas. But this method is not practical and cannot be stored for a long time. Therefore, people have developed the processing and storage technology of vanilla beans so that their use is more dynamic.

Vanilla pods can be dried so that their shelf life can be more than two years. You can also make vanilla bean powder by smoothing the vanilla seeds after separating them from the pods.

The use of fresh vanilla beans for industrial needs can also rely on vanilla extract. This is a liquid obtained from the process of soaking vanilla beans in alcohol or glycerin. The immersion process should take up to around three or four months. The liquid will infuse the aroma and flavor of vanilla beans to produce high-quality vanilla extract.

Can Be Combined With Other Flavors

Many companies are making innovations for the variety of vanilla flavors so that the taste becomes richer. For example, there are ice cream companies that collaborate with vanilla flavors with strawberries, coffee, or chocolate. Not only for food, but vanilla beans are also often relied upon for aromatherapy, cosmetic products, and perfumes.

Different From Synthetic Vanilla

Original vanilla beans are blackish-brown, and their aroma is soft and natural. There is also synthetic vanilla that is produced and marketed on a large scale for lower-middle-class consumers. Synthetic vanilla is white and only produces scents, not the taste. The aroma of synthetic vanilla also stings and tastes bitter because it comes from a mixture of chemicals.

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Enter The Premium Market

The price of Vanilla beans per kilogram is relatively high, so you must be smart to choose a first-hand supplier. Fresh Vanilla Beans per kilogram ever reached up to 500 US dollars. This is not surprising because it is difficult for plants to grow, and the harvest period must wait for years.

You have to wait two to four years to reach adulthood. After that, you also have to wait for the vanilla beans to bloom for just one day for a year. For a tree to produce seeds, the pollination process must take place when the flowers bloom. Therefore, the pollination of cultivated vanilla beans mostly uses human assistance.

Fresh Vanilla Beans Supplier From Indonesia

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