How does Underfloor Heating work in Winter?

by | Jul 1, 2022 | HVAC

How does Underfloor Heating work in Winter?

The use of underfloor heating technology eliminates the hassle of dealing with the long, snowy winter. You can stay nice and warm in the house because the heat from under the floor spreads out and creates an even warmth. But do you already know how does underfloor heating work?

Not only for the warmth of the room, but you can also get other benefits from using underfloor heating. For example, to prevent water from freezing in drains, dry clothes, and other items, and prevent moisture for various furniture. So, given the importance of underfloor heating in Winter, you might want to know a little about how this appliance works.

Underfloor Heating Working Principle?

The floor that has been installed with an underfloor heating device will radiate heat evenly throughout the room. The panels hidden behind the carpet or tiles are electricity or special water pipes that act as a source of heat. The electricity that flows into the installation will be converted into heat energy. The working principle of this tool is almost the same as other electrical equipment such as electric cartridges or electric stoves.

During its development, the underfloor heating system is no longer uniform. For example, companies that use heat from panels containing a series of water pipes use electric cables. Even though the goal is the same, the way one product works with another may also be different, depending on the method of production and innovation applied by the company.

Resistive Type Underfloor Heating System

Based on the heating method, underfloor heating can be divided into two systems, namely resistive and infrared. To the first mentioned, heating cables produce cables of a wide range. The metal wires are neatly formed, then they are insulated like a carpet.

The cables in the resistive type consist of a single metal core that functions as a conductor as well as a heating element. Heated floor constructions are usually equipped with screens to minimize electromagnetic radiation.

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Infrared Type Underfloor Heating System

The transmission of heat energy in the infrared type is very different from that of the resistant type of underfloor heating. At first, electrical energy is converted into infrared radiation. Like how the sun’s heat works, this radiation will immediately radiate heat and heat the objects around it. This type of underfloor heating is in great demand, and its use is also more practical and comfortable.

The use of this type of underfloor heating is like a carpet that can be installed and cut. You just need to plug it in and roll it out, so you can immediately get warmth from this tool. So, the application can be made dynamically without having to dismantle the floor or bother installing tiles and ceramics.

Recommended Best Quality Heating Products

Whatever type of underfloor heating you choose, all must be tailored to the needs and capabilities of the installation. At least, by knowing how does underfloor heating work, you don’t need to be confused anymore when you want to find underfloor heating with various specifications. Furthermore, you only need research and a lot of consultation to be able to select and install underfloor heating with optimal function and energy-efficient use.

After knowing at a glance an overview of how does underfloor heating work in winter, it is hoped that you will become more proficient in choosing a good and durable underfloor heating product. Check also the underfloor heating installation guide.