How to Cook Broccoli in Five Easy Ways

by | Mar 28, 2022 | Cookware

How to cook broccoli stir fry, roast, boil

Broccoli is a fresh green vegetable. We know that many people don’t like green vegetables. But do you know it can be very special? Yes, with some kinds of cooking techniques, you can cook broccoli especially. How to cook broccoli is a simple way. Broccoli is easy to cook in minutes. It can be in the microwave, steamed, boiled, sautéed, and roasted. Whatever the cooking technique, cooking the florets of broccoli can be delicious. 

When you choose broccoli, make sure that it has though and deep green florets without a yellow spot around it. Fresh broccoli is important to create a wonderful taste. Let’s see more about how to cook broccoli in five easy ways.

Cooking Broccoli In The Microwave

Microwave is a cooking technology to heat broccoli from the inside just in a few minutes. The electromagnetic waves can tenderize the florets quickly. The florets become tender and delicious to eat in the mouth. Cooking broccoli in a microwave is easy because you just add some water to the microwave and wait in minutes. The healthy and tender broccoli is ready to be served on your plate.

Steamed Broccoli    

Another way to cook broccoli is to steam. Steamed broccoli in high heat quickly can change the color of broccoli to be bright green. It is cooked perfectly with steam if we steam in high heat. It will maintain the good nutrient of broccoli perfectly. 

The nutrient will not leach into the water. So, steaming broccoli is a good choice. Make sure the taste is still crisp-tender, not mushy. You just need to cook in 3 until five minutes. Using more time to cook broccoli will make your broccoli mushy and not have good taste in your mouth. 


Blanching or boiled broccoli is an easy cooking technique to cook broccoli in minutes. You just need to rapidly boil the florets using salted water. Boiled broccoli can make the florets becomes bright green, and the taste is still crisp-tender. The broccoli that uses boiled cooking technique is suitable to make a salad, to prep dish in advance, and meal planning. How to cook broccoli is instant, easy, and fast. These green vegetables make your plate more interesting and healthy if you can cook it perfectly. 

Sauteed Broccoli

Broccoli is suitable to sauté too. You just need minutes to make it cooked perfectly. Dry heat-cooking on your pan or wok will make the robust texture of broccoli become cooked outside. You can see the outside of the broccoli turns to be brown. You need three to five minutes to do it. 

After that, to make the inside of the broccoli becomes tender, add a little water, cover, and steam the broccoli until tender and cooked inside. If you want to add the taste, you can add stir-fry sauce to change the water. Adding stir-fry sauce will make the taste becomes better and maintain the crisp tender of broccoli. 

Roasted Broccoli

And once more, how to cook broccoli is to roast it. The roasting cooking technique can change the taste of broccoli. But I am sure you will like the taste. Roasting broccoli is easy. 

Pre-heating the baking pan, then add the broccoli to it. While roasting, you can add sugar, salt, olive oil, and a little pepper to make it tasty and crispy brown. It will be a fantastic taste in the mouth if you add a squeeze of lemon juice. 

Those are five cooking techniques for cooking broccoli. Boiled broccoli and sautéed broccoli need a non-stick pan and pot to cook it perfectly. When broccoli is in dry heat cooking, it can be sticky on the pan. You need a non-stick pan to make the broccoli tender-crisp. The taste will be good, and of course, it is healthy.

There is an issue related to a non-stick pan. A non-stick pan is dangerous for health because cooking with a high heat temperature using a non-stick pan can create dangerous substances called PFOA and PFOS. 

Both are toxic in the human body and can cause cancer. It causes the coating of the aluminum non-stick pan to build from C8. C8 can break easily at a high temperature. That is the reason if you want to keep your aluminum non-stick pan becomes durable and healthy, don’t cook at a high temperature; cook at low or medium temperature.

Unfortunately, to make sauteed broccoli becomes brown, we need to sautee at a high temperature. The answer to your needing is a non-stick aluminum pan with C3, free from PFOA and PFOS. Aluminum non-stick pan can sautee broccoli at a high temperature without sticky and, of course, healthy for us. In conclusion, how to cook broccoli is easy, fast, and healthy for our body. The taste and the tenderness of the florets will come out if we choose the best non-stick aluminum pan to cook it perfectly.