How To Cook Fried Rice, Best Cooking Recipe

by | Mar 25, 2022 | Cookware

How To Cook Fried Rice, Best Cooking Recipe

How To Cook Fried Rice And Some Things That You Need To Know In Creating Best Fried Rice

Fried rice is delicious food. This Chinese food is easy to make. It just needs about 20 minutes to serve the dish. The ingredients are also easy to find. You can combine rice with protein, beef, and vegetables that you like. The egg is the most common source of protein in cooking fried rice; green beans and carrots are also the most common vegetables in cooking fried rice. However, if we mix beef and shrimp, surely it will taste better. How to cook fried rice, and what kinds of things must we know to create the best-fried rice? Let’s check below!

Use Cold Day-Old Rice

To make rice easily brown and not too sticky, you need the cold day-old rice. Don’t use hot boiled rice. It is hard to become brown; the color of your fried rice will not be nice. So, if you just have the hot boiled rice, you need to make it cold at room temperature; the longer time the rice is cold, the better rice to cook fried rice. That is an important secret of how to cook fried rice perfectly!

Add Soy Sauce And Oyster Sauce

Fried rice is tasteful spicy rice. The taste comes from soy sauce and oyster sauce. The combination of the sauce and rice with rice will make good fried rice. Stir them well and add some eggs, vegetables, meat, and shrimp as you like. It will add the amazing taste of your fried rice.

How To Cook Fried Rice

Now, let’s start. The first thing that you need to prepare is the cold day-old rice. You also need soy sauce, oyster sauce, egg, and vegetables that you like. I like carrots, onion, garlic, and peas. You can add cauliflower if you like. I dice the carrot, sliced onion, garlic and prepare the peas. 

Then heat the cooking oil, scramble the egg. When the scrambled egg has been done, put it on the plate. Use the cooking pan that scrambles the egg, add some cooking oil, heat the cooking oil, and add onion, garlic, diced carrot, and peas. After you see the vegetables are done, you can add the rice. Stir it well for a minute, and then add oyster sauce and soy sauce. Stir again for a few minutes. 

Add the scrambled eggs. After adding scrambled eggs, stir again in a minute. And finally, the best-fried rice is ready to be served on the plate. To make it a better appearance, you can add sliced celery at the last minute of cooking fried rice. It will make the color of your fried rice more colorful and interesting to eat. 

Other Compliments Of Fried Rice

Besides eggs, you can add beef and shrimp to your fried rice. Of course, the taste will be better and more luxurious. We know that beef and shrimp are special in taste, especially if you add them to your fried rice. Your fried rice will have an amazing taste.

Before adding the beef and shrimp to the fried rice, you must first cook the beef and shrimp. You can fry or sear the beef and shrimp before you add them to the fried rice. Before frying or searing, don’t forget to use a little lemon squeeze to the shrimp or beef. It will make them taste better. Trust me!

The Common Problems In Cooking Fried Rice

The common problem in cooking fried rice is when you stir it. The rice can be sticky to the pan, and it is bad. The sticky rice is hard to clean on the pan, and it makes the rice will be too overcooked. If you don’t stir it frequently, it can be overcooked, and the taste will not be that good. 

To solve this problem is, first, you must stir it frequently. The second problem solution is to change your frying pan. Yes! Why not change your frying pan to get a non-stick pan although you cook fried rice. Suppose you hear a bad issue related to using a non-stick frying pan; it is just an issue. The fact is you can choose the best non-stick frying pan to cook special fried rice.

The best frying pan to cook fried rice is an aluminum non-stick frying pan; make sure the coating is free from PFOA and PFOS, the cause of cancer and other serious health problems. Besides, a nonsticky frying pan emits less smoke than other materials. You can save your money too; you just need a little oil and fry your fried rice without sticky on the pan. You will not feel hard to clean it after you cook your fried rice.

In conclusion, enjoy how to cook fried rice in your kitchen. And let the aluminum non-stick frying pan of your choice accompany you in your kitchen.