How To Cook Pork Chops To Make It More Tender

by | Jun 19, 2022 | Cookware

How To Cook Pork Chops recipe

Are you a person who likes pork processed? Besides being able to buy pork dishes, you can also make them at home. It can save your finances and get the quality of food you want. You can also determine the level of maturity of the meat yourself, especially if you want the meat to be tender. Then, how to cook pork chops at home to make them more tender? Here’s how.

How To Make Tender Pork

Pork is meat that is suitable for cooking with various spices and seasonings. However, it is different from chicken, which is naturally soft. Pork meat needs special treatment to produce tender meat. 

Then how to cook pork chops to make them tender? As we know, pork chops that come from certain body parts. Here are some tips for cooking pork chunks to make them more tender.

1. Step Before Starting To Process The Meat

How to cook pork chops to make them tender? Here comes the first step. Namely, beating the pork with a meat beater before processing it will help tenderize the meat. Why is that? Because in pork, there are veins that make the meat tough. For the meat to become tender, you need to crush the tendons in the meat using a meat beater. Usually shaped like a serrated hammer.

A fork is one solution if you don’t have a meat beater. Or you can also use your hands to beat the meat. Thus, the tendons in the flesh can be crushed.

After crushing the veins, add seasonings that can give it a soft effect. The spices in question are seasonings that contain acid and contain tender enzymes. Examples of seasonings that contain acids are vinegar and wine. 

Another example of a spice that contains a tenderizing enzyme is pineapple juice. You can rub it all over the surface of the meat before starting to process it. But keep in mind, if you use too much enzyme or acidic spices, it will result in mushy meat.

2. Processing Processes Need To Be Considered Too

Pork is free to be processed by any cooking method, fried, grilled, or boiled. However, all processing methods must be considered in the process. To produce tender meat dishes. Then how to cook pork chops to make them tender with the method used? Here are some tips on how to properly process pork.

In the first step, you can use the meat frying method and then grill it. In addition to the processing method, the meat part also affects the processing process to get tender meat. For example, you can do pork chops by frying them in hot oil, but the duration is short. After that, you can transfer the meat to the oven during the remaining processing time.

Then how to cook the next cut of pork so that the meat is tender? The answer is to cook the meat slowly. What is meant by slow is to put the meat in the water mixture and let it simmer for a few hours? Can this method make the meat tender? Of course, you can; even the texture will be more moist and pleasant.

Another method of processing pork so that it is more tender is smoking. Although the ripening process takes a long time, it will produce a unique taste. Usually, smoking uses wood fuel. In the process, the smell of wood will transfer to the meat so that the meat will have a different aroma. In addition, the texture of cooked meat will be moist, juicy, and tender.

After processing it, the most important thing to get soft meat is to let the meat for about 10 minutes. After completing the processing stage:

  1. Leave the meat open.
  2. Try not to cover the meat with aluminum foil, for example, to keep it warm.
  3. Try not to cut the meat right away after transferring it from the pan to the serving stand. This will keep the meat from becoming tender and moist.

For any kind of pork processing method, it would be better to use the above principles. So that the resulting meat will be as soft and tender as you wish; in addition, regardless of the processing method that will be used, make sure you use healthy cookware. 

Make sure the cookware provides a variety of non-stick frying pans that consumers have trusted using safe materials for health because it is free of PFOS and PFOA materials so that the quality of your processed pork will be better.

Those are some tips on how to cook pork chops to make them more tender. Make sure you use a good frying pan so that the quality of the food is good too. And hopefully, this is useful and can be your solution to cooking pork at home.