How To Cook Steak At Home, Delicious Homemade Recipe

by | Apr 20, 2022 | Cookware

How To Cook Steak At Home homemade recipe

Having steak as a main dish for your meal at a fancy, luxurious, elegant yet expensive restaurant is ordinary. But, how if you start making that perfect steak at home? Can it taste the same? It obviously can taste the same with all the perfect preparation and also the good material inside. Making the perfect steak is simple and can be done everywhere, including in your home. 

The basic ingredients of how to cook steak at home are easy to find at the supermarket or traditional market. You also need to have excellent preparation to get the best taste of your steak, even if it is cooked at home. So, how to do that? Here are some tips for you. 

Choose The Fresh Meat To Cook 

The fresh meat (that is genuinely fresh landed directly from the butcher at the same time we buy) has more nutrients than the frozen meat. We can find a lot of fresh meat at the traditional market instead of the supermarket. 

Getting the frozen meat is acceptable, but you need to thaw the meat in the right process. What if you want to have a steak suddenly as it is not in your organized plan? That is when the frozen meat is acceptable as well, fast to get, and we can store it before in the refrigerator.

Marinade The Meat For A Minimum Of 15 Minutes 

Having the best tasteful steak needs to do a perfect preparation. One of them is marinade steak. The basic ingredients to marinate the steak are salt (sea salt has better tasteful and healthier than ordinary salt), pepper (black pepper is better), and thyme (if you don’t have them, just change it with oregano or chopped fresh celery. 

Don’t forget to rub the steak with olive oil. Vegetable oil is acceptable if you don’t have olive oil. Beat the steak on every side and let it marinate for about 15 minutes a room temperature before putting it in a chiller. 

Cool marinade steak is better, and letting it marinate longer is better; let it soak overnight, for example. After you let it soak for several minutes, it will be easy to do how to cook steak at home. 

Grill The Steak 

Steak is best in the grilling process. You need at least to have a grill pan for your steak. Using a hot pan is the best way to go. Heat the pan with the butter for about one minute and cook the steak for six minutes if you want to have a medium-rare result (cook 3 minutes for each side to see the best result on it). If you want to have medium-well, you need to cook it for 8 – 10 minutes. 

How to cook steak in a well-done result, you need to cook it for about 8 minutes (4 minutes for each side), but you need to rest it for 4-6 minutes, then cook again in 4-8 minutes on each side.  

Complete The Steak With A Side Dish 

After you cook the steak based on your liking in a level heating, we can complete the steak with several side dishes to accompany your steak. We can add mashed potato, potato wedges, or mixed vegetables. There are a lot of instant mashed potatoes and ready-to-cook potato wedges also ready to boil mixed vegetables frozen you can find in a supermarket. 

That will make your side dish for the steak as simple as you blink your eyes. Don’t forget to add the sauce that you like. You can prepare it as in instant sauce (black pepper sauce, mushroom sauce, barbeque sauce), or you can make your sauce. The steak is ready to serve as your lunch or dinner main course.