How To Grill Steak That Is Easy And The Results Are Delicious

by | Jun 23, 2022 | Cookware

How To Grill Steak with aluminum pan cookware

Steak has become favorite food for everyone. The tenderness and juiciness melt in the mouth, and it is amazing to taste. But do you know that grilled steak can be a complicated thing? Soundly, it is easy to do. Grill steak is just to make meat on the grill pan and wait for some minutes. But if you don’t do it carefully, your steak will not be evenly cooked as you want. There are some things that you should know how to grill steak perfectly and to get good doneness. 

Decide The Level Of Doneness That You Want

To decide the level of doneness that you want is important. The chef’s standard is medium-rare. The appearance of the meat is deep red to pink, and if you touch it, the texture is a soft and slight resistance. The taste will be juicy and tender in the mouth. To create medium rare, the ideal temperature is 130O.

Other levels of doneness are rare, medium, medium-well, and well. Every level of doneness needs different temperatures and times. So, before grilling steak, you must decide the level of doneness that you want, so you can cook the steak perfectly.

Let The Steak At Room Temperature for About 30 Minutes Before Cooking

This is one important part of making your grilled steak wonderful. Let the steak be at room temperature for about 30 minutes before cooking. Don’t directly grill in the pan after you take it from the freeze, and the cold meat can be overcooked because raising the internal part of the meat can take a longer time. So, make sure that the steak in room temperature before grilling on the pan.

Pay Attention To Temperature And Time

How to grill steak is easy, but it can be complicated if you don’t pay attention to temperature and time. Yes, temperature and time to cook a steak are important. To grill, steak needs 120o until 150o, and the time to cook is based on the thickness of the meat. If the meat is thicker, you will need more time to grill it. You can feel from the color and the feel when it is cooked evenly. 

The color rare is red, and you will see a shiny appearance. Medium-rare is deep red to pink, and the texture is soft to touch. Medium is light pink in the middle. It is in between firm and soft. Medium well is almost without light pink. The texture is almost firm. And the last level of doneness is well. It is pink, and it is firm. If you always grill steak on the pan, you can directly feel each level of doneness quickly and perfectly.

Let It Rest After Grilling

After grilling the steak, don’t directly cut it. It will release the heat inside the steak, and your steak will not have a perfect taste. Let it rest for some minutes because the process of cooking is continuing. 

So, wait for the process until a few minutes. You can get the best part of cutting and taste after that. Prove it and enjoy the pleasure of grilling a steak. How to grill steak will not be a problem for you.

Choose the best grill pan to grill perfectly

And the last part is to choose the best grill pan to grill perfectly. When you put the steak on the pan, of course, you don’t want it to stick on the pan. We also hope to get a healthy steak. And you know the issue that non-stick pan is worrying thing because it can lose the dangerous substances include PFOA and PFOS. 

So, make sure you choose the best grill pan to grill the steak perfectly without much smoke, non-stick, a little oil using, easy to clean, and free from PFOA and PFOS. You will get all of the benefits if you choose a non-stick aluminum pan coated with C3. 

The surface of the pan is the main point to make the food not sticky while cooking. And the surface coated with C3 is the best part because it has been proved not to lose the dangerous substances although cooking at high temperature. C3 is the technology that comes from German. It has been confirmed in good quality and standardized. 

So, try the tips above to get the good tender and juicy steak, and choosing the best grill pan made from C3 will always be the right choice!