How to Grow Vanilla Beans

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How to Grow Vanilla Beans

Everyone loves baking or eats cake, even sweet cookies. One who loves baking exactly knows well about vanilla beans. Have you ever run out of vanilla extract? You may feel upset at that time. But do you know how to grow vanilla beans? Here is a short explanation of it. First, vanilla beans usually grow well on a vanilla orchid, or what we know as vanilla planifolia. That seems so beautiful and tall. Generally, vanilla beans are flowering vines originally from tropical Mexico. It can also grow in a hardiness zone, stand in a certain humidity, and moist soil. 

You should know how to grow vanilla beans, as they cannot stand or survive in temperatures less than 55 degrees Fahrenheit. As a result, vanilla beans need proportional temperatures to bloom and grow well and generally can grow in indoor rooms during cold or dry weather. So, that’s why basically how to grow vanilla beans fits in Indonesia. Moreover, Indonesia Vanilla has been known as a global vanilla bean supplier since 1986. 

The Varieties Of Vanilla Beans 

We know some different types of vanilla beans. They are exactly featured in different flavors, and they are perfectly used for some dishes. We get some options for vanilla beans, such as Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans, Mexican vanilla beans, Tahitian vanilla, Indian vanilla beans, and Indonesian vanilla beans. Indonesian vanilla beans itself have this typical characteristic. This variety takes a softer earthy flavor enriched with the taste of smoke. That’s the perfect taste for baking or adding to chocolate dishes. 

Steps In Vanilla Beans “How To Grow It”

We take care of vanilla beans as it just can grow in particular, even in special conditions such as it prefers high humidity and indirect but in the proper intensity of sunlight. We also put in good watering and controlled warm temperatures to produce the best quality vanilla beans. Here are the steps of the vanilla beans on how to grow in our farming. 

Producing Our Best Vanilla Bean Plant

We have the best vanilla bean plant from caring it 3 to 5 years. Blooming it and start to plant it from the seed.

Moving Our Vanilla Bean Plant

As we can produce healthy vanilla bean plants, after grouping them based on their sizes, we transplant them into a more permanent pot. In this step, we choose the larger pot up to two times the previous pot size. Moreover, we just take the proportional pot size to maintain the vanilla bean growth and do it gently to prevent the plant from its stems.  

Supporting Vanilla Bean Plant Growth

As to how to grow vanilla beans, it needs a supporting system to grow optimally, and we provide the stake supporter inside the pot. We put it near the base of the vine. We care about it carefully to not scratch the vine or get too close to the primary root.

Watering The Vanilla Bean 

Watering may be one of the hardest steps to maintain the vanilla bean since we need to keep the top of the pot wet but not the whole soaked. We also maintain the moisture of the plant every day.

Keep The Perfect Vanilla Bean Growing Environment

We need to pay attention to our environment, including its temperature, sunlight, and its humidity. Our farming environment, with a balanced warm temperature, is the perfect place how to grow vanilla beans.

Fertilization Time 

We give the fertilizer to the plant every two weeks. We take the best fertilizer of orchid fertilizer to maximize the vanilla bean’s growth. 

Vanilla Bean Plants’ Pollinating 

In its growth process, vanilla beans require to be pollinated to produce the vanilla bean pods. We can try pollinating vanilla plant flowers. It seems typically difficult, but we handle it well. At first, we remove the pollen from the flower and transmit it on a stigma. We choose the morning as the best time to hold it. Maintaining the whole process better will produce the best vanilla bean within 8 to 9 months. 

Time To Harvest The Vanilla Beans

It’s the last step in vanilla bean growing, and we harvest them when the tips turn yellow or yellowish. It means the bean is ready to harvest. We sweat and dry it within a month (it turns to dark brown and leathery), store it, and distribute it later. 

After a long process, we will get vanilla beans of high quality and also at the best prices. Best planting and caring are our products guaranteed. Get the perfect taste now; feel free to contact us.