How to Make Curry, Simple Recipe

by | May 8, 2022 | Cookware

How to Make Curry, Simple Recipe

Curry is a traditional and famous food, and the food is best served with aromatic rice. Basmati or jasmine rice can be a choice. Usually it is accompanied by meat, legumes, vegetables, or seafood, based on your taste. So, how to cook curry? What is the secret to the best taste ? Let’s see the explanation below!

Use Fresh Spices

Many people think that cooking curry is difficult and it needs many flavors, and the flavors are complicated. But if you are accustomed to cooking curry, it is easy. You just need the best flavors to make a wonderful taste. The best flavors always come from fresh spices.

So, the first secret to making wonderful curry is to use fresh spices. Avoid jar spices that keep in your refrigerator for a long time. It will not be good for your food. You need fresh spices. So, take all the fresh spices around you and make it by yourself. How to make the spices by yourself? 

Make the Fresh Curry Spices

Garam masala, which contains cinnamon, plenty of black pepper, and cloves, is an important ingredient in creating delicious curry. Besides, you need curry powder. Curry powder can be made by yourself. The base of curry powder usually is turmeric. It belongs to the ginger family, and the function of curry powder is to make the brown lightening color in your curry. 

How to Make Curry

After you know the secret of how to cook curry, let’s try to make it. Remember! You can choose the main ingredients that you want to make curry. Here, I choose meat. First, you need to make the meat becomes brown. Heat your large skillet with a little vegetable oil. After that, sear the meat. You can wait until five minutes. The purpose is to make meat becomes brown, not cooked. We have time to cook meat afterward. After you finish searing it, put the meat on the table.

The second step is to sear the flavor. Heat the vegetable oil on the large skillet. Then, add the diced onion. Wait until the aroma of the onion is smelt. It is about five minutes long. After the aroma is smelt, you can add ginger, garlic, and spices. Make sure that the vegetable oil is enough to sear all the flavors. Cook them all in medium-high heat. After you smell the aroma of the strong flavor, it means the curry flavor is done. Add the broth, tomato, and chili. 

Simmering the Curry

To finish all the steps, add your brown meat. Pour a little coconut milk to give a rich taste to your curry. Simmer the curry, wait until the meat becomes tender, and the curry becomes delicious. You can taste the flavor with a spoon. You can add a pinch of salt if you want to be tastier. 

Enjoy the Curry With a Bowl of Rice

The sign that the curry is done well is when it becomes saucy and thick. It can be sticky on your skillet or large pan. But if you choose the best cookware, the large non-stick pan can be a good suggestion to cook it well. It will not be sticky, and easy to clean the fat of curry on your large pan. 

Once you find that the curry becomes saucy and thick, you can serve it. Put the rice on the plate and add some meat curry. To make it in deep taste, you can add herbs to the top of your cook. Chopped nuts and crispy shallot can be the choice for the deep taste of curry. 

Use the Best Non-Stick Large Pan

Curry is one of the sticky food on the pan. It is because of the complicated cooking powder. But it will not be a problem more if you use a non-stick aluminum pan. It is a guarantee that your it will not be sticky on the pan. Your pan can be cleaned easily, and you just need a little cooking oil to sear the flavors. 

How to make sure the food is healthy? Aluminum non-stick pan from a good brand does not contain dangerous substances on the surface of the pan. It is coated with C3, and it is a safe guarantee from PFOA and PFOS. So, you don’t need to be worried about having this large pan. It also produces a little smoke. Furthermore, you will not be worried about getting a cough while the cooking process. 

A non-stick aluminum pan is recommended to you. How to make curry will not be a problem anymore because using a non-stick aluminum pan helps much to do this better than other large pans.