How to Make Fried Chicken Becomes Juicy and Crispy

by | May 5, 2022 | Cookware

How to Make Fried Chicken Juicy and Crispy Recipe

Do you like fried chicken? Fried chicken is always favorite food in many situations and conditions. Many people like it because of its juicy taste. The coating is so spicy and delicious. Surely, the fried chicken taste is hard to forget. Are you interested in making it by yourself in your kitchen? How to make fried chicken is easy. The most important thing is you have to know the time, temperature, and coating. Below are some tips for cooking juicy and crispy fried chicken.

Choose The Specific Part Of The Chicken

Many people like the drumstick or thigh of the chicken. So, to get the best fried chicken, choose the drumstick or thigh of the chicken. Avoid choosing breast because it needs a long time to cook, based on the thickness. The drum stick is easier to cook, and the spices will be infused perfectly inside. So, lets cook fried chicken with a spicy and delicious taste? Let’s see the next tips!

Cover The Drum Stick With Salt

Salt is one important ingredient in cooking, especially to cover the chicken. Season the drumstick with a pinch of salt. After that, you need to wait 30 minutes at room temperature. 

Another alternative is you can put it in the fridge overnight; in the morning, you can coat and fry it. This is useful to bind the coating spices inside the drumstick. Besides, the salt function is to tenderize the meat. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Give A Strong Spice Mixture

Don’t doubt to give a strong spice mixture to your chicken. The spice mixture is mustard, thyme, basil, paprika, white pepper, garlic powder, ginger, celery salt, and oregano. Cover the drumstick a half and the other half to the coating flour. A strong spice mixture will be infused from the flour and make the good texture of chicken drumstick.

Use Egg White And Cornstarch 

Cooking fried chicken is tricky, but it is not impossible to cook it as delicious as the restaurant has. To make it great in taste, you need to add egg white before coating the chicken drumstick. The function of the egg white is to make the spices and flour hold inside. The combination of the spices and egg white will make your fried chicken perfect for cooking.

In addition, you can also need to add cornstarch to the flour. The benefit is to create a crispy texture. Your fried chicken will be crispier than without cornstarch inside.

Fry Chicken In A Deep Oil

To create a juicy inside and crispy outside fried chicken, the chicken needs to be fried in deep oil. You need a lot of oil. It will not be sticky on the pan. If you use shallow fry, it will not cook evenly, and it is possible to be sticky on the pan. You must pay attention to the temperature while frying because it is an important factor in making good fried chicken. 

Besides the temperature, you need to pay attention to the pan and pot that you use to cook the food. It is better to use the best pan and pot, especially to fry the chicken in the deep oil. A non stick pan and pot are suggested for this. Choose the C3 coating pan and pot for the healthier cookware. 

C3 is a technology from German. It is safe from PFOA and PFOS. PFOA is perfluorooctanoic acid, and PFOS is perfluorooctanesulphonic acid. Both substances are dangerous for the human body. They can cause serious health problems.

For healthy cooking, it is better to use a non-stick pan using C3 technology. Besides, it is healthier than other non-stick pans and pots, it just uses a little oil. It produces a little smoke too. You can clean non-stick pans and pots more easily than other products of pans and pots.

 How to make fried chicken is not a problem for you because you have non-stick pans and pots coated with C3. The surface of the pan and pot will make the food easier to cook. You can get the juicy inside and crispy outside easily. 

Use 2 Thermometers

As I said before, you must pay attention to the temperature while frying the chicken. Use a candy thermometer to check the oil temperature and a probe thermometer to monitor the chicken’s internal temperature. The chicken is cooked perfectly when the temperature of the chicken’s internal part is 165 degrees Fahrenheit. 

If you know the trick of how to make fried chicken well, you will not be confused about cooking it in your kitchen. Fried chicken is the favorite food by many people of all kinds of ages. Young and old people like it. However, coooking fried chicken may be tricky. You must know the techniques and tips, so the taste will be juicy and crispy. Choose the healthier cookware to create healthy fried food. 

C3 coated aluminum pans and pots are the answers to your healthier fried chicken. It is free from PFOA and PFOS because the surface of the pans and pots is coated with C3. So, grab this cookware to make your kitchen healthier.