How To Make Hard Boiled Eggs

by | Apr 28, 2022 | Cookware

how to make hard boiled eggs cooking tips recipe

Can you imagine how difficult to boil the eggs? Yes, boiling eggs is easy, but please don’t underestimate them because once you get them over-boiled, you will get the dark green color on the yolk or sulphuric taste on in. So, don’t ever underestimate how to cook hard boiled eggs because cooking them has a lot of benefits inside. 

We can eat these hard-boiled eggs mixed with salad or as additional ingredients for some soup, or they can be the main ingredient for the deviled eggs with sprinkles of salt or black sesame seeds. 

Benefits Of Boiled Eggs 

  • Eggs have a lot of lean protein. If you want to lose weight, these boiled eggs are one of the answers. You can presently plan to cook hard-boiled eggs and then consume them with an additional topping of black sesame seeds. 
  • The protein of these boiled eggs has a lot of vitamin D. This vitamin D can also promote prenatal development. So this is useful for pregnant women. 
  • Who said that eating more eggs can increase cholesterol? Eggs can reduce the cholesterol in our bodies. Boiled eggs are healthier than making eggs in other ways. 

The nutrient that we get if we consume boiled eggs is sufficient to make our body healthy. There are calories, saturated fat, less cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrate, less sugar, and also the protein itself. Of all of the nutrients above, the calories got the highest point on that. 

We can get 78 grams of calories that can make our body fit when it consumes in the right ways. These eggs are also good for babies as their meal or side dish in gaining weight. However, there are always disadvantages after advantages of something. 

Don’t consume it too often, especially as your baby’s meal. We need to check the allergen alert for the babies to see their skin reaction to the eggs. Adults also are not too good to consume the boiled eggs too often because we need to have another nutrient besides eating boiled eggs to have perfect healthy food planning. 

The Cooking Tips 

There are several tips to cook them perfectly. Here are the tips for doing it:

  1. Choose the older eggs than fresh eggs because older eggs are easier to peel than fresh eggs. How do we know the old eggs and the fresh eggs? We need to buy the eggs a week before cooking. Suppose every egg is freshly bought from the breeder; hence the older eggs can be measured based on the time we purchased them. 
  2. Choose the fresh eggs, and we just need to boil them a bit longer than we boil the old eggs. This will make the result as good as you boil the old eggs. 
  3. Put the eggs first, then fill the saucepan with the water until it covers all of the eggs up. When you fill the saucepan with the water first, this will make us put the eggs, not in the bottom of the pan, and some of them are floating. The floating eggs mean they are not fresh ones. So, the basic tip is to put the eggs first in the saucepan and directly pour the water into it. 
  4. Adding half a teaspoon of salt can make the boiled eggs easy to peel perfectly. 
  5. It is better to boil eggs for about 10 minutes and let them sit for 6 until 15 minutes. It depends on how perfect your boiled eggs want. If you want to have the little translucent in the yolk center, just let it sit for about 6 minutes. If you want to have perfectly boiled eggs without translucent, just let it a bit longer for about 10-15 minutes, then peel off the eggs. You need to eat these boiled eggs for no more than 5 days. When the taste is not too good, you are not allowed to eat that food anymore because it may be poisonous.

The Chosen Saucepan 

It is necessary to choose the saucepan for boiling the eggs. There are various sizes on the saucepan to choose from. Some suppliers categorized them as milk pans or soup pots. The milk pan is smaller than the soup pot, but it has a long handle. You can also choose a colorful pot to brighten your kitchen ambiance.