How To Make Scrambled Eggs With No Oil

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How To Make Perfect Scrambled Eggs With No Oil

Cooking scrambled eggs is as easy as blinking the eyes. Surprisingly, there are so many ways how to make scrambled eggs ideally. For a newbie, maybe you feel confused about why scrambled eggs have a yellow color. Do they use the egg yolk only, or are there additional ingredients that make every scramble eggs in a bright yellow color? 

So, the secret recipe of why the scramble eggs are truly beautiful with the bright yellow color is only in the addition of milk. Yes, the milk will mix the eggs and make the color into a truly bright yellow color. So, you don’t need to separate the yolk from the egg white. 

Can the scrambled eggs be without milk? It’s ok too. But, the result will be different cause the egg white and the yolk don’t mix perfectly and making the color white and yellows still appear. So, milk or can be added little four will make these scrambled eggs look beautiful.

It’s better to cook scrambled eggs with butter because it will give a good smell. Using cooking oil or also olive oil is good but just pour it a little. Is it ok to cook scrambled eggs without oil or butter? Yes, it can be too.

This frying pan will make your meal looks tasty and healthy because they use the best material for the cookware. So, you only swipe the pan with the tissue after using it to make the scrambled eggs because it is a nonstick pan. So, how do you cook it without oil or butter? Here are the steps, and there are only three ingredients on them.

The ingredients to cook scrambled eggs


  1. Two pcs of eggs. If you want to make a bigger portion, just add two more eggs to it.
  2. Pinch of salt and also pepper. If you want to make it more tasteful, a little powdered broth can be added with salt. 
  3. ¼ cup of milk. This ¼ cup of milk is taken from 1L of milk. So, it means you only need 250 ml of milk. 

How to cook scrambled eggs:

  1. Beat the eggs in the bowl with a fork at high speed. Using a whisk is better because it can make the eggs fully fluffy. Beat it for not more than 2 minutes to have the best result for the eggs.
  2. Mix the eggs with the milk and put the salt and pepper on the eggs too. 
  3. Heat the nonstick pan. Try to feel the steam from above the pan. If it is already warm, just pour the eggs.
  4. Don’t forget to pull, lift, and fold the eggs with a spatula. The best spatula is made with silicone. Do not stir the eggs too often. After it stirs several times, just remove from the heat and serve the scrambled eggs on the plate immediately as soon as they are cooked. 
  5. You can use the garnish of parsley leaves, oregano, or pepper on the top of it. It is also can be added with sausages or bread as a side dish. The advantages we can have from a portion of scrambled eggs are a source of protein, vitamin A, choline, and a good source of vitamin D and also folate. 

Cooking scrambled eggs without oil or butter is as delicious as using them. The butter in the scramble eggs will make it more flavorful and tasteful.  Cooking scrambled eggs is suitable for all ages. The baby of 6 months above can be introduced to this dish as a main dish with a proper texture. 

So, what are you waiting for? This cooking recipe is easy to cook and it is easier if we choose the cooking utensil with a nonstick frying pan. We only need to clean the pan after cooking the scrambled eggs or everything by swiping it with the tissue, and it is ready to use again. If you want to clean it with dish soap, just let the pan cool for a while. 

Do not directly wash the hot pan and spatula in water. It maybe will make the material of granite peel off. Do not also scratch the pan with coir because it is too rough to wash. Using a broken pan in a cooking meal can trigger cancer. So, scrambling eggs with this non-sticky pan is always the best choice to use.