Let’s Learn How Underfloor Heating Works

by | Mar 2, 2022 | HVAC

How Underfloor Heating Works

Purchase and use of underfloor heating must be accompanied by knowledge of how underfloor heating works. This is a natural thing so that you understand how to use it, its maintenance, and the first steps that must be taken when the installation experiences a problem. Or if you are completely new to installation, you should at least know the basic principles of underfloor heating work.

In practice, underfloor heating is a heating product that is superior to other products that have a similar function. Let’s call one product, for example, a fireplace. This tool is considered to be troublesome and takes up space in terms of its use, likewise with the radiator. Underfloor heating is superior because it is much more energy-efficient.

So how do you find out how underfloor heating works? Many free articles on the internet discuss how underfloor heating works. In this article, we will discuss it in a simple and easy-to-understand way. Let’s look at the following description for more information:

The Basic Principles of Underfloor Heating Using Water

Underfloor heaters are devices that spread heat through a medium that has a high heat capacity. That’s why later, we will find several media that can be used, including anti-freeze liquid heated in a pipe. Furthermore, there is a heat accumulator in the form of a concrete screed.

These media can collect and store heat for a long time. That way, we can feel the tool working to warm the room from the ground up to the entire room as a whole. This installation is then closed with a floor in the form of ceramics, tiles, cement, and carpet.

Electric Floor for Underfloor Heating

Apart from using frozen water, underfloor heating also uses electricity. With certain methods, the power cable will be heated by an electric current with a high heat capacity. This method remains safe because the good accumulation effect is supported by the use of a thick layer of material, which is in the range of 50 mm above the heating element.

Whatever the heat-conducting medium, you must understand that how underfloor heating works is to provide a hot or warm effect from under the floor to the entire room. The heat source is designed to be safe and prevent the slightest accident when the floor is stepped on or passed.

Installation Coating System

As mentioned above, the installed installation will be covered with tiles, ceramics, carpets, and other insulators. Therefore, for certain types, installing underfloor heating will take time, and the process is quite complicated. If you can’t install it yourself, usually a dedicated team from the company will do the installation for you.

Over time, suppliers produced underfloor heating and thought of how underfloor heating works with a more practical installation. On the market or in online stores, you can also find underfloor heaters with insulators. That is, the installation has been equipped with a finish to step on.

Usually, this layer is in the form of laminate, linoleum, and even carpet. This kind of floor heating model will make the installation process easier. Like when you roll out a carpet, you can even do it yourself at home. But remember, you must still follow the installation and usage instructions for the results to be good and safe.

Selectively Buy Under Floor Heaters

When you understand how underfloor heating works, then you have to be more selective in buying and installing it. Do not carelessly choose a supplier and then end up regretting it. We recommend that you research the suppliers that you will work with. The main consideration is the company’s experience, track record, and achievements.

You also don’t focus too much on price. If there is a distributor that offers underfloor heating equipment at a price below the average, you should be suspicious. Is the tool really good quality, or is it a fake product? But the possibility of low prices for quality products remains, namely if the product is currently in a promotion or discount program for a certain event.

That’s the information about how underfloor heating works. Don’t hesitate to write any comments or questions in the fields provided. You can even find out more about how underfloor heating works. Or maybe you want to get recommendations from trusted suppliers who can provide durable and quality products? We have the answer here.