The Character Of Indonesia Arabica Coffee

by | Jun 8, 2022 | Coffee Bean

Gayo Riau Flores Kintamani Indonesia Arabica Coffee

Almost every place in the world has its own coffee plant. But not all of them can share their coffee products and export them. Indonesia Arabica coffee is one of the most famous coffee in the world. Indonesia has some districts that export their coffee to other countries. What’s so particular about this coffee? Let’s find out.

Brief Indonesia Coffee History

Coffee started to plant in Indonesia when European countries colonized Indonesia. Indonesian farmers have started to plant this commodity. They bring coffee that they usually consume in their daily life. First, the European bring Arabica coffee to the plant. But the weather and situation in Indonesia can’t support this plant, so it got a disease. Then, robusta came and grew well in Indonesia. 

As farming knowledge increase, this time, a coffee farmer can plant both Arabica and Robusta, although robusta is planted more. The reason is that robusta doesn’t need special treatment like Arabica. It also can grow in any kind of ground height, rain level, and weather. 

Arabica grows very well in many places. Each of them gives a special taste and after taste. As we know, Arabica coffee naturally has a soft sour taste that makes it more famous than robusta. Some people prefer this taste to the bitter taste of robusta. 

Indonesia Arabica coffee is acceptable in many countries, such as Japan, America, Malaysia, Europe, Singapore, and many more. 

Gayo Arabica Coffee

Several district like Gayo, Sumatera; Toraja, Sulawesi; Kintamani, Bali; Ijen Raung, East Java; Temanggung, Central Java; Meranti, Riau; and Bajawa, Flores has export their Arabica coffee to many countries. Foreign countries ask for good quality coffee beans with unique tastes. Many districts in Indonesia produce Arabica coffee. Those places offer a specific unique taste that can’t find in others. 

The Arabica coffee bean from Gayo, Sumatera, has a soft texture with balanced acidity. People who don’t like the strong sour taste will love this product. You can mix it with milk and sugar to increase the taste. Gayo people have a particular way of making coffee drink. Usually, we add hot water to coffee bean powder. In Gayo, people boil water and the coffee bean powder together. After several times, the solution was filtered to get the original Gayo coffee drink. 

Toraja and Kintamani Arabica Coffee

Toraja is one of the most famous places on Sulawesi island. This place has a special culture and nice views. The Arabica coffee is also famous because it has a unique character. Usually, coffee leaves a bitter aftertaste. But this coffee isn’t. It also has an earthy taste with a low acid level.

Beside Gayo and Toraja, Kintamani, Bali also has Arabica coffee. This coffee has a citrus acid taste and has nice flowery odor. This coffee has been sent to Europe, Japan, and Arabic countries. 

Java Arabica Coffee

The next on the list is Ijen Raung, East Java. This place produces coffee beans that give a delicate, hot taste, with a forest flower odor. This place made their first export in 2011, which made them become more famous.  

Temanggung, Central Java, offers exceptional Arabica coffee with the odor of tobacco and a strong bitter taste. It’s so authentic and different from coffee from other places. This coffee is exported to European countries, Middle East countries, and Latin America.   

Riau And Flores Arabica Coffee

Meranti, Riau is on the west side of the Indonesia archipelago. This place has produced Liberia coffee beans that have been certified and announced as the best farming product by the Indonesian government. This coffee is mostly exported to Malaysia and Singapore.

The East side of the Indonesian archipelago also offers coffee products. In an area named Bajawa, Flores, you can find Arabica coffee. This coffee gives the taste of chocolate and vanilla with a nutty aftertaste. American really love this product, so that is mostly exported there. 

Many Arabica Coffee to Try

All those Arabica coffee from Indonesia are the only examples. Besides them, there are many other district and area that also has special taste in coffee products. Each district may have its own methods to make coffee drinks that make it more special. From this angle, be sure that Indonesia is a rich country in culture and natural products.   

Indonesia Arabica coffee has been famous in foreign countries. This is because Arabica coffee from Indonesia has a special taste and odor that differentiate it from other products. Be sure to get more information to enrich your knowledge about this most famous drink in the world.