The Traditional Authentic Planifolia Vanilla Beans

by | Dec 10, 2019 | Vanilla Beans

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The classic thing always looks rich and elegant. Just like the Victorian-style house in our neighborhood. People have a high intention to go into the house to see what’s inside and feel the bold vintage atmosphere. This is what you feel when you find one of the expensive and classic spices, planifolia vanilla bean. This vanilla is the forerunner of the world-wide vanilla plant.

Where Does Vanilla Bean Come From?

Today business trends also touch the plantation sector. This is in line with the healthy lifestyle that is being promoted by many communities. The vanilla bean is one of the current business trends that can fulfill the desires of a healthy life for many people.

Then, where do the vanilla beans come from? You might not pay attention if the vanilla pods around you come from a Mexican orchid plant called Planifolia. In Mexico, the planifolia vanilla beans plants are helped by the pollinating insects that only fly in Mexico. Only the planifolia orchids produce the edible seeds. Before we consume the beans, these vanilla pods will be cured first so that the vanillin content and the hundreds of compounds will come out perfectly. Vanillin is very good for our health. While the taste of vanilla is very good to entertain our taste buds.

Vanillin In Planifolia Vanilla Beans

The vanilla beans, vanilla powder, and vanilla extracts contain natural vanillin compounds. Vanillin is also well-known as vanilla flavoring which gives the distinctive sweet and savory taste and also specified aroma of vanilla in various food and beverage products, such as milk, ice cream, cakes, and cookies.

Vanillin also contains phenol groups which give vanillin the strength to be used as a preservative. This phenol group is antimicrobial. The dishes that are sprinkled with powder planifolia vanilla beans become resistant to several bacteria. Vanillin can even damage the membrane of the Escherichia coli bacteria, Lactobacillus, Lactobacillus Plantarum as well as molds and yeasts. The detrimental effects of vanillin are not too deadly for other microbial populations. Then, your dishes are safe for consumption and durable in storage.

Moreover, the use of synthesized planifolia vanilla beans can be applied in the pharmaceutical industry such as antiseptic raw materials. This synthesized vanillin contains iso-eugenol which actively combats bacteria.

Two Species Of Vanilla Beans

There are so many types of vanilla beans on the world market. All of these vanilla beans come from the two species of vanilla beans. The first species which is a traditional vanilla bean is vanilla planifolia which originated from Mexico. In the 19th century, planifolia vanilla beans were widely cultivated in other countries including Madagascar. The authentic Mexican planifolia vanilla dominates the worldwide supply of vanilla beans. Then in 2006, Madagascar vanilla beans began to control almost 60 percent of the world’s vanilla needs. The vanilla planifolia beans have only can meet a 3 percent supply since then.

The second vanilla bean species is Tahitian vanilla beans which is a mutation product from planifolia vanilla beans. According to the physical appearance, Tahitian vanilla bean looks shorter, plumper, and moister than planifolia bean. Although the amount of seeds is less than planifolia vanilla bean, the Tahitian vanilla bean has a stronger and preferred aroma.

The Characters Of Planifolia Vanilla Beans

Some of the dominant characters of planifolia vanilla include:

  • The Mexican vanilla skin is rough and woody.
  • The taste of this planifolia vanilla beans are strong as the skin.
  • Planifolia vanilla is often called “Madagascar Bourbon’ because it uses the Bourbon method in the killing process after the harvest period ends. This killing process must be done to stop the growth. The Bourbon or Water Kill method is done by soaking vanilla beans in hot water for several minutes. The vanilla beans will look soft and supple then.
  • The sun-kill planifolia vanilla beans produce a harder texture than the Bourbon method as the vanilla beans are placed on a concrete slab in the middle of the day. The blazing sun will kill the growth of the beans.

The traditional authentic of planifolia vanilla beans are now sought after by businessmen as they can grow their origin vanilla plants. Then, the lucrative business will come to their way year by year.