Indonesia Tahitian and Planifolia Vanilla Bean Wholesale Supplier

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Indonesia Tahitian and Planifolia Vanilla Bean Wholesale Supplier

Vanilla has become one of the favorite ingredients for cakes, drinks, chocolate, sweets, and many others using. Vanilla bean wholesale supplier is the best choice as it still has the pure taste and odor to get the best products. How do you get the best choice for this special ingredient? Let’s find out.

Vanilla is famous as an ingredient in sweet foods and drinks. The vanilla flavor could combine with many other flavors, especially Tahitensis vanilla beans. Tahitensis vanilla bean wholesale supplier can be a solution to the high demand. 

Purity With Extra Taste

Vanilla (V. planifolia) is one of the orchid family. In nature, it grows by sticking to a tree’s stem so that the leaves can reach sunlight while the root is in the ground. The tree would die because the vanilla plants are not a parasite. The plants are grown as vines with greenish stems. It has long green oval leaves that grow crossing on the stem. The flower is greenish-yellow with a shape that is similar to most orchids. 

Vanilla plants could pollinate themselves, but with a very low possibility of success. On the plantation, vanilla should get help from humans to do the pollination. Pollination of the vanilla plant will need a small sharp stick to open the lower part of the flower, then used to meet the pollen and the pistil. Each flower needs some minutes to be pollinated. 

After pollination, the flower will die. The small vanilla beans will appear. This small one will grow day by day. When a yellowish color appears, it’s time to harvest vanilla beans. Late harvest could make the bean ripe and dry, then splash the small seed in it.

It produces a bean that looks similar to other orchid beans. But, vanilla has a special odor and taste that use in many kinds of foods and drinks. It also uses in beauty and health products. Many chefs use vanilla bean wholesale for the rigidity and original taste. It’s reasonable because the wholesale could shelf for a year and still has the same odor and taste. 

There are many kinds of vanilla beans in the world. The most popular are Madagascar and Mexican vanilla beans. Lately, the Indonesian vanilla bean is also famous as it has a special aftertaste that enriches the product that has Indonesian vanilla as an ingredient. It’s reasonable to know the Indonesian vanilla supplier so you can get the best products. 

Indonesia Vanilla, Your Mate In Wholesale

Indonesia is a tropical country that has moist soil on almost all of its islands. Indonesia is a nice location for any kind of plant, including vanilla. This plant can grow and produce vanilla beans that have different tastes and odors from similar products from other countries. The special taste and odor will enrich your food and drink products.

The vanilla plantation is a kind of farming that need a lot of workers. The worker should work on soil preparation, planting, taking care of growth, pollination, and taking care of beans. The work like caring and pollination should do every day because vanilla flowers are not the one that blooms together. The worker also works in after-harvest jobs such as drying, sorting, packaging, and storing. The proper process of the vanilla from its plant until its stores gives you the best products. The vanilla plantation can open employment for many local residents. This could help the residents to live better. 

Tahitensis Vanilla Bean

People are familiar with vanilla varieties from Madagascar called bourbon. Bourbon comes from V. Planifolia, the same family as orchids (Orchidaceae). Besides bourbon in the family, there is also V. Tahitensis that produce Tahitian vanilla. There are about 110 varieties of vanilla plants in the world, but only a few are used as vanilla ingredients. 

The shape of Bourbon and Tahitentis could be similar, but the flavor is different. Bourbon vanilla has a buttery and overwhelming sweet aroma. It is dark, rich, and creamy. While Tahitensis is more delicate, it is a fruity, flowery, and anisic smooth flavor. Tahitensis vanilla usually uses in gourmet pastry because it gives a sweet floral flavor.

How To Grow Tahitensis Vanilla?

Tahitensis vanilla plant grows as a stem where the leaves grow by turning on the right and left sides. The leaves have a long oval shape with green color. The stem sticks to the host plants, usually a tree. But on a plantation, the farmer may use big sticks or poles as the host. Tahitensis vanilla trees usually mature and start producing after five years of growth. 

The flower of vanilla is greenish yellow and blossoms for only a half-day. This takes workers to look for the flower and help them do the pollination. The pollination does manually with the help of a stick of toothpick size. Each branch could have 12-20 flowers that grow only one a day. This makes vanilla plantations need many workers. 

When pollination succeeds, the young pod will appear and grow bigger day by day for about nine months. The petal will befall when it dries out. The vanilla pod could be harvested when a yellow color appears on the surface. If it’s too late, the pod will be too ripe and broken to spread the seed in it. 

After being harvested, the pod was brought to the curing process. In this process, there are some steps, such as killing the pod, sweating it, drying it, and conditioning it. All those steps take time and effort, but the proper process will produce a high-quality product. All the long work to get the product make it reasonable that vanilla has a high price. Tahitensis vanilla bean wholesale supplier is the solution to get extra cheap products.

How To Buy Tahitensis Vanilla?

Every country has its special dishes and drinks. Vanilla has been used in many food and drinks all over the world for centuries. The demand for vanilla always grows as the dishes and drinks industries grow. Vanilla also uses in cosmetics and health fields. It increases the demand so that vanilla plantation appears in many countries. 

Industries or personnel need vanilla and seek lower prices with good quality. Tahitensis vanilla bean wholesale supplier from Indonesia is a choice to get the best price and have a good supply for a long time. This is reasonable because dry vanilla could keep for a long time without losing the flavor. As long as having a good place for storage, keeping a lot of vanilla is better than buying it in a small amount, especially because not every country’s soil is suitable for growing vanilla.

Indonesia is one of some countries that have good soil and is suitable for vanilla growth. There are many plantations that appear in Indonesia with varieties of plants. Tahitensis vanilla is in Indonesia, generally shorter and plumper than those that come from others. It also contains higher oil and water content. Indonesia’s Tahitensis vanilla is a flowery and fruity aroma with a smooth flavor. Some people describe it as smells like cherries, licorice, and wine. These characters make it suitable for many uses. 

PNG Vanilla Bean wholesale price, Indonesia supplier

Planifolia Vanilla Bean Wholesale 

Vanilla flavor has been applied to many kinds of dishes, cakes, puddings, ice cream, shakes, and many other products. One of the most vanilla varieties used in the world is planifolia. This vanilla has famous for its buttery aroma and overwhelmingly sweet. Buying planifolia vanilla bean in bulk is a good way to have a supply with the best price.

Vanilla, The Pastry’s Chef Choice

Vanilla could be the most popular ingredient in the field of cakes, dishes, puddings, and many other sweet-base foods. It is also available to use in cold or hot drinks. The vanilla flavor is overwhelming and gives comfort feeling. Vanilla also use in cosmetics, health products, and perfume. The wide uses of vanilla make many people seek it. 

Home or industrial scale using vanilla use the same way. Use good quality dry beans to get the best flavor. Open it and collect the seed. Add the seed to the food or drinks then the flavor will appear exactly. 

Pastry chefs use vanilla seeds to get the best flavor in their masterpieces. Usually, the pod also uses in drinks or just keeps it in a solution to get the extract. Vanilla extract still has a similar flavor. As this flavor is suitable for many dishes and drinks, pastry chefs usually love to have a supply of many kinds of vanilla. Each vanilla has a special flavor. Each flavor is suitable for a different type of food. Planifolia vanilla generally could apply to many kinds of dishes and drinks. 

Good quality Planivolia vanilla has a long storage period. This character helps chefs so that it is fine to buy Planifolia vanilla bean in wholesale. Prepare a good place and equipment to keep them dry and cool so that they can store them for a long time. Buy the wholesale also serves buyers a lower price.

Planifolia For Your Dishes And Drinks

V. Planifolia plants are available in some countries. The famous ones are those that are planted in Madagascar. This variety usually calls bourbon. Planifolia also can grow well in Indonesia and many other countries. Different country has different soil type, but the planifolia still has a buttery aroma. 

Planifolia grows well in nature by sticking to other strong plants like trees. It grows vertically to reach more air and sunshine. The stem generally grows in zig-zag patterns with a strong root that makes them stick to a tree’s stem. Planifolia’s stem has a size of about one centimeter in diameter and with green in color. The leaf is long, oval, green, and shiny. They appear in a turn pattern on the stem’s right and left sides. 

Planifolia Plantation Process

A new vanilla plant needs time about five years to get mature. The flower will appear in a group, but it could blossom only once or two each day. Pollination could happen naturally, but it is very rare. In plantations, to make the stronger possibility of successful pollination, workers help it manually. During the blossom period, which usually happens two months a year, the worker should walk around the plantation to find the blossom flower and manually help the pollination. Manual pollination could do with the help of a toothpick size stick. 

When the pollination succeeds, a young bean will appear, and the flower will get dry and fall. The next work is to make sure the pod grows well and is safe. It takes about nine months for the young pod to grow and become ripe. The pod is ready to be harvested when the yellowish color appears on the surface. Cut the pods group on their branch and move to the curing period. This process also needs months to reach the best quality dry vanilla beans. 

The vanilla bean can be stored for a long time. It still keeps the seed with the natural flavor. People cut the vanilla bean horizontally to find the seed in it. A spoon can help to collect the seed. A vanilla bean generally contains a spoonful of vanilla seeds. 

Vanilla Bean Wholesale Supplier in Indonesia

We are Indonesia Vanilla, a vanilla supplier that has served the best quality vanilla since 1986 for many countries. We will give you a 100% money-back guarantee if the vanilla you get is not like the one we offer. Our price is the cheapest because we are a farmer, so you buy vanilla firsthand.

We sell vanilla beans that is planted in Indonesia and also from PNG (Papua New Guinea), PNG vanilla beans are very popular as well. Many suppliers get vanilla beans from the distributor that gets it from the buyer. This distribution stage makes the vanilla bean’s price expensive. We offer you vanilla beans from our plantation because we are the farmer. This cuts the distribution stage so that we can offer you the best prices. 

Still, doubt about buying Vanilla bean from the wholesale supplier? Please contact us in our line or email to get more information. We’ll serve the information and product you need.