Indonesian Coffee Suppliers That You Can Count On 

by | May 29, 2022 | Coffee Bean

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Indonesia is a rich country that has abundant natural resources. Anything that grows in its nature is very beneficial for the lives of the local people. Even people around the world can enjoy Indonesia’s natural wealth. One of the famous ones to foreign countries from Indonesia is coffee and coffee beans. Indonesia has some of the best coffee-producing hot spots. There are at least 15 regions that produce the best coffee and dominate the sale around the world. It is because of the hard work of Indonesian coffee suppliers and farmers.

The need for coffee is very high. Numbers of consumers from certain countries can get authentic Indonesian products from importers. Indonesia itself exports coffee not because coffee is difficult to sell domestically. In fact, enthusiasts and connoisseurs of coffee are easy to find in Indonesia. They can easily get the best coffee through cafes, restaurants, coffee shops, and even direct suppliers. 

When we talk about suppliers, Indonesia has a large number of suppliers who are always ready to serve the demand for coffee in the country and worldwide. As Indonesia coffee suppliers, several important things must be known and held tightly as guidelines. 

Treat Coffee As A True Friend

Do you know how people choose the best coffee for themselves? Some choose to drink coffee because of the soothing flavor and aroma. Some drink certain types of coffee because of the acidity. And some are quite unique by observing the thickness of certain types of coffee they brew themselves. No matter how they sip their coffee, everything will depend on the coffee type. As a supplier, we must fully understand the types of coffee in our archipelago. Like you want to know about your true friend. 

Based on the processing, coffee is divided into ground coffee and instant coffee

Ground Coffee

Ground coffee is obtained through 3 stages: roasting, grinding and packaging. The roasting process will determine the taste and color of the coffee. Meanwhile, the grinding process will produce coarse coffeemedium powderfine powder, and very fine powder

Caffeine in ground coffee reaches 115 mg per 10 grams of coffee or about 1-2 tablespoons dissolved in 150 ml of water. 

Instant Coffee

Instant coffee is obtained from the extraction process of the roasting. The extraction process is done to separate the coffee from the pulp. 

The process of obtaining instant coffee starts with roasting, then the extraction process, and is followed by the drying process. The drying process can increase the solubility of coffee to water. The instant coffee you brew will not leave the sediment. The last process is the packaging. 

The caffeine content of instant coffee is only 70-98 mg per coffee sachet brewed in 150 ml of water. 

Indonesia Coffee Types

Besides the two of them, there are types of coffee that people around the world commonly consume. They are:

Robusta Coffee

Indonesia is the world’s largest producer of robusta coffee. It even beat Brazil and Vietnam. More than 80 percent of Indonesia’s coffee production is robusta. In the past, the Dutch brought robusta coffee to Indonesia to replace pest-exposed arabica coffee. Robust means strong. Robusta coffee plants are known to be resistant to pest attacks. 

The taste of this coffee is more bitter than other types of coffee. No wonder robusta is very suitable to be mixed with milk, cream, or chocolate. The coffee taste is still maintained even though it has been mixed with other substances. Indonesia coffee supplier is certainly happy with robusta, which domestic and foreign buyers regularly order. 

Arabica Coffee

It’s about 70% of the coffee trade in the world dominated by Arabica. The price of Arabica is more expensive than other coffees because the treatment and cultivation of the plants are not easy. 

Arabica coffee was brought by the Arabs from Ethiopia to all corners of the world. It has more fragrant and not too thick of brewing color with high acidity. Bourbon Arabica varieties are becoming popular across the globe. This coffee was brought from Yemen by French people to be planted on the island of Bourbon. 

Indonesia’s Best Coffee Supply

There are certain types of coffee that often make most Indonesian coffee suppliers overwhelmed in fulfilling customer demand. Indonesian authentic coffee is very popular and has certain characteristics that meet market tastes. The coffee includes civet coffee, Gayo arabica coffee, robusta Temanggung coffee, Sidikalang coffee, Toraja coffee, Flores coffee, Kintamani coffee, Wamena coffee, and many more. 

So, are you ready to get involved with this market as one of the Indonesian coffee suppliers?