3 Good Ideas For Using Indonesian Vanilla Beans 

by | May 11, 2022 | Vanilla Beans

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Indonesian vanilla beans cover about 23% of the world’s demand. Why is this spice so famous? Let’s see.

The Spice Named Vanilla

Vanilla is one of the most useful spices in the world. Its used in cakes, drinks, and desserts. It is also used in perfumed, cosmetics, and aromatherapy. For the widespread usage, the demand for vanilla is a big chance for farmers. 

Vanilla is a kind of orchid that grows as a vine. The vine hangs on another plant’s stem or on a pole. Some farmers plant vanilla trees together with others, such as cocoa or fruits. As an orchid, the vanilla plant can grow well even with less sunshine. So that when the tree’s leaves avoid the sunshine, vanilla is still growing.  

Vanilla plants have oval-shaped leaves that grow on the vine. The flowers are not as interesting as other orchids. The flower’s petals are thin with pale yellow color. In its natural habitat, pollination happens with the help of a bee named Melipona. But this bee lives only in central America. So vanilla farmers do hand pollination with the help of a toothpick. This human help’s pollination can make vanilla harvested in many countries. 

Vanilla gives a nice odor because it contains a volatile compound named vanilin (4-hydroxy-3-methoxybenzaldehide). The higher percentage of vanilin, the quality of the vanilin is better. Beside vanilin, there also p-hydroxy benzaldehide and p-hydroxy benzym metal eter. Vanilin usually become the biggest percentage (about 85%), while p-hydroxy benzaldehide is about 9% and p-hydroxy benzym metal eter 1%. Some species of vanilla beans has special flavor because they contain piperonal and diasetyl. These chemical compounds make them give different flavor.

These chemical compounds are perfectly composed when vanilla pods are ripe. If the young vanilla pods are green, the ripe ones are nearly yellow, with a green line on the surface. If the vanilla pod is left too ripe on the tree, it will break, spread the seed, and create a nice odor. 

Indonesian vanilla beans have served the world for a long time. Indonesia ever leads in serving the vanilla beans. These because Indonesia has suitable weather for these plants to grow. So that Indonesia production ever reach about 3.500 tons a year until 2004. 

Indonesia The Tropical Country

Indonesian vanilla beans are known for the best quality in the world. This is because Indonesia’s tropical weather is so good for this plant. The soil in many islands is fertile, so that vanilla trees can grow well. Vanilla farmers separate in many places. 

This time, Indonesia became the second biggest vanilla producer. These because some farmers didn’t do the planting properly. After the pollination, the pod will be ripe in 8-9 months. It’s a long time, but it gives the best products. Some farmers can’t wait that long. They harvest the pods only after 3-4 months. These reduce the product and the quality. 

The Indonesian government and the farmer association educate the farmers to do the process correctly to get better products. In the situation when vanilla beans price better, farmers will get a better income as a prize. 

3 Good Ideas Of Using Indonesia Vanilla Beans

Indonesian vanilla beans have good quality. Here are three good idea for using the beans:

  • Flavor (Natural) Additive For Foods And Drinks

Vanilla has become part of the foods and drinks industry for centuries. People add this spice to cake ingredients to give it better flavor and aroma. The nice aroma will invite appetite. Vanilla can add to milk or any other drink. People add vanilla to their chocolate drinks to give it more flavor. 

  • Aromatherapy

Naturally, the aroma of vanillin can affect the brain and respond to the feeling of having enough food. So taking a deep breath from vanilla aromatherapy will help people control their eating desire. 

The aromatherapy can do by adding vanilla oil to the candle or just burning it on a stove. This is also nice to use along with the meditation or the yoga session. The nice aroma will help people feel calm down. 

Vanilla can add to incense. Some producers have vanilla incense. Although in unburn condition, the vanilla odor has been detected, the use is to burn. So, burn the incense and breathe the nice smell of smoke. 

  • Body Care

Vanilla oil is used as an ingredient in perfumes, cosmetics, and other body care products. It gave a nice aroma. The flavonoid in vanilla can help smoothen skin and avoid poisons. Many body care treatment uses this to make the skin looks better. 

Indonesian vanilla beans are world-class products. It leads in the field of quality and has become the second biggest vanilla beans producer. Keeping the high quality will affect the farmers’ better life. Consuming this product is not only about to enjoy the nice spice in foods, drinks, body care, aromatherapy, or else. This also helps farmers.