Inexpensive Cookware Set To Cook Healthy Chicken Dish

by | Jun 18, 2022 | Cookware

Inexpensive Cookware Set To Cook Healthy Chicken Dish

Do you love to eat chicken, but you need to lower your body weight? Don’t worry. We have a new method suggestion to serve yourself a healthy chicken dish. You can use any cookware you have, even the inexpensive cookware set you may have bought.

Red Meat or the White Meat

Many people prefer red meat such as beef, lamb, or pork. Red meat is easy to find and can be cooked for many kinds of dishes. We can make it as an ingredient in soup, steak, fry it, and many more. In comparison, white meat refers to chicken and fish. It also can be cooked in many ways. 

What is so unique about each of them?

Red meat has higher protein content in it but also has higher fat. It also has iron that is easier to absorb than the iron content in plants. Red meat has a higher range of Vitamin B and Zink. People that have anemia could eat red meat for fast recovery. Meanwhile, white meat contains less protein and fat. 

Is it true that white meat is healthier than red one? 

It depends on the diet you do. Diet is a way of food management to gain a goal. For those people with a diet goal of lowering body weight, white meat could be better than red as it contains lower protein and fat. But for the people that need a high level of zink, iron, protein, and vitamin B content, they should take red meat in their meals. For the people whose goal is bodybuilding, red meat is a good choice. 

Whether it is white or red meat to choose from, it is recommended for you to leave the skin and the fat. This is a way to avoid too much fat in your diet. The skin is not a hundred percent fat, but it has a high level of it. 

Some people love to use the skin and the fat for cooking. This method could produce natural oil. This also brings tasty flavor to the dish, and it helps to make the pan’s surface smooth and non-sticky. But in the name of healthy living, leave the skin and fat. The most important is that there is inexpensive cookware set to help you cook.

Black Pepper Chicken without Any Oil and Fat

There are a lot of simple ways of cooking healthy meals. There are no rules that you only can cook meals with special cookware, or you only can produce good meals with some kind of meat. 

Be open-minded. There are a lot of methods that can support healthy cooking. For example, cook without oil and fat. Many people will think that this is impossible or it will make the food is not delicious. It is possible and still can produce delicious dishes and a good look, too. 

The key is using the proper spices and cooking timing. If you cook meat, although you leave the fat and skin, it still has natural fat that you can use to cook. Heat the pan and put the meat first. Let it change color and produce natural oil. Then add the spices like onion and garlic, ginger, and so on. 

The same method also can use to cook black pepper chicken. This is a simple recipe. What you need to prepare is the meat, some onion, some garlic, spring onion, ginger, black pepper, oyster sauce, soy sauce, sugar, and salt. You can add other vegetables you like, such as carrots and greens. 

Cut the meat into dice cuts, chop the spices, then cut the vegetables into the cut you like. Don’t forget to wash them. Now, let’s start cooking.

First, heat the pan. Make it low heat. You can use any kind of pan. But what we need to do is to make sure it won’t make the food stick on the surface. 

Fry the meat until its color changes. This method will make the meat hot enough so that the fat in it melts. Then add the spices and shake until they are cooked enough. Add the seasoning and taste. Some people loved extra black pepper in their dish, while others didn’t. 

Steam the vegetables to make them soft and preserve the nutrition. Serve this black pepper chicken together with the vegetables soon after it is cooked and still warm. This menu can be enjoyed with mashed potatoes, french fries, or rice. 

Maybe you only have inexpensive cookware set at home. But it is not a problem. Cooking this menu doesn’t require any special cookware. For healthy reasons, it is recommended for you to use cookware that has a nonstick coating. This kind of cookware will support your healthy cooking as it doesn’t need any oil, and it won’t be sticky. You can cook any food you like on it. Happy cooking.