Install an Underfloor Heating Manifold

by | Sep 3, 2022 | HVAC

Can You Install an Underfloor Heating Manifold without Professional Staff?

Home renovation is an activity that requires a lot of effort and money. If you are one of the people planning to renovate your home this year, this article is for you to read. More important, if you include room heating in your planning.

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What Makes the Manifold Important?

If room heating is one of the priorities in planning your home renovation, then choosing underfloor heating is not a simple thing, especially if you choose a wet system. The wet system pumps warm water all over the tube, and we expect all areas or zones in the house to get the heat needed. The fact is that every room in the house must have a different area and shape, which will make the length of the tube also different; this condition makes everything more complex.

This rather complicated situation can be resolved when you have a Manifold on your underfloor heating. That is the reason why the manifold must exist, and it is important. The manifold is the control center of the underfloor heating system, where this tool will ensure the water flow will flow properly to every area in the house.

This tool will also help you to make sure the flowing water is at the right temperature, as entered in the system when installed using the desired information. So, in addition to helping you save more energy, evenly distribute heat even though the area of ​​the room is different.

Let’s Install an Underfloor Heating Manifold

Several steps are required when you want to install an underfloor heating manifold appropriately. Ensure more efficient system performance by checking the steps below:

Make Sure it is Connected to a Heat Source

To ensure system performance works efficiently, the thing that must be done is to check the circuit whether it is connected to a heat source (heat pump or boiler), why this should be the first step because the heat source only supplies warm water to the circuit or pipe that is already under the floor.

To get the desired temperature, water can be mixed with cold water from the previous circuit to increase the work efficiency of the system. If you use a mixing valve and actuator, it can help properly achieve the desired water temperature according to the temperature that has been designed.

Consider Several Important Factors

Several factors that make the installation of underfloor heating need to be considered carefully, such as the condition of the floor, the cause of the heat loss, or other variables. In addition, don’t forget to make sure each area has the appropriate heat needed. Also, make sure the flow rate of each circuit is set correctly, which will help warm the room with the ideal and effective water temperature.

It requires a Specific Space and is Easily Accessible

Another factor that is also important to do is to provide a particular space for placing the heating manifold, but not only that, make sure the location is easily accessible so that if there are problems, it is easy to service or check.

After the room is accommodated, the next thing that is also important when you want to install an underfloor heating manifold is to place the manifold in a position that allows the pipes in each zone to be separate and can coalesce in the same position without making the floor hot or too hot.

Manifold Location Should Not be Far from the Generator

Usually, an error occurs during the installation of the manifold when you install or place it away from the heat generator or heat pump. This condition can potentially lose heat and make it more difficult to check pipeline routes.

Can the Manifold be Installed Independently?

We will always advise when you ask who can install the manifold? Can it be done or installed independently? Of course, our answer leaves it to the experts. Because don’t let your renovation funds be in vain, and your home is still uncomfortable because an error occurred during installation.

Ensure that the person installing the appliance is a qualified person or a recommended heating and plumbing technician whose performance has been proven. Especially if you choose a wet system, we will provide professional recommendations in the field of quality to help you lay pipes and install manifolds. General builders are not recommended to try it.

That is why planning on finances when you want to renovate a house is very important because there are several things that need to be consulted with several parties unless you have chosen the right and trusted contractor who has a connection to a special professional underfloor heating installation.

Suppose you already have a carefully determined plan regarding home renovation and their needs. Make sure renovations become a fun activity and produce the dream house you envision according to the right budget.

Don’t ever be shy about asking when you still need information, especially about the tools and budget needed. Do not let these conditions make expenses larger than the original plan. Open and look for as many references as possible, then choose the ones you need the most according to your financial condition.