The Works of Methylcellulose for Cosmetic Products

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Doing skin care is important for everyone, especially for women. We often experience skin problems such as dry skin, blackheads, acne, and many more. But when choosing beauty products, we can’t just choose only. We must be smart when using beauty products to get the results expected. Here, we need to be aware of the content of the cosmetic products including the use of methylcellulose for cosmetic products. To be preventive for choosing the wrong one, here are safe tips for choosing safe products for healthier skin.

The Roles of Methylcellulose in Skincare Products

Almost everyone wants to have bright and healthy skin. However, that’s not easy work. Safe skincare products become a routine in the morning and at night. Not only women but now men also care about the condition of their faces and skin.

In line with that, there are safe skincare products on the market at various prices. Many manufacturers issue products with promising properties, there are even manufacturers with non-medical backgrounds. Then, we know methylcellulose could be one of the contents in skincare products. How are the works of this cellulose?

There are three major works of methylcellulose for cosmetic products. The works involve the functions of surfactant, viscosity controller, and emulsion stabilizer. Surfactant means that the material is suitable for use as an effective cleaning product that removes dirt. It works by releasing oil or dirt on the surface being cleaned and retaining the oil and dirt in a cleaner that has been mixed with water, thereby allowing its removal.

Then, viscosity is closely related to the way of methylcellulose as a thickener. Viscosity can be defined as resistance to fluid flow. Usually, it comes from the friction between the molecules of a liquid with one another.

A solution is a mixture of two or more substances in the same phase. However, some substances cannot combine. This problem can be overcome by using emulsions. In conclusion, we can use the emulsifier.

Reasons for Using Skincare or Cosmetics for Our Skin

Good appearance is generally supported by a healthy face or skin condition. Not infrequently many people spend money or special budgets for skincare. One of the efforts that can be done is to use skincare products that are safe and reliable. Then, how do choose the right product?

  1. Reduces the risk of skin problems. If for example, we don’t use skincare, our face will feel dull, and pimples, blackheads, pimples, and even black spots will appear. In order to avoid skin problems on our faces, we need to take care of skin care regularly. We can add a charcoal mask to be used as our skincare list at night. This method is good for removing dead skin cells and maintaining skin glowing.
  2. Can brighten the skin. The solution is to use skincare products according to skin type, at night we can use toner, serum, and night cream to keep facial skin hydrated and can regenerate skin so that our face is brighter and softer. However, we need to consider the contents of the skincare we use. Methylcellulose for cosmetic products is safe for longer use.
  3. Protects skin when using makeup. Well, if we often use cosmetics for work or go outdoors, we should use skincare first before using facial makeup such as sunscreen, moisturizer, and toner. The skincare we use will protect our facial skin before using thick makeup.
  4. The reason why it is important to use skincare is that it can keep the facial skin clean from dirt and bacteria. Preferably before using skincare, we need to clean our face with warm water at least twice a day in the morning and at night before going to bed.
  5. Save our budget for more expensive treatment. Routine skincare using skincare, besides being able to keep the skin clean, we can also avoid problems related to finances such as spending excessive money if we don’t care about facial skin.

Methylcellulose for Cosmetic Products: Improve the Texture of Lotion, Gel, and Cream

Cellulose, which is in the form of white to off-white powder of granules, is soluble in cold water. However, it is insoluble in organic solvents. It is the property that can make methylcellulose for cosmetic products very useful in repairing beauty products such as lotions, creams, and gels. A homogenous texture that is easily applied to the skin is the key for a product to win the competition in the cosmetic market.

The use of methylcellulose for cosmetic products ranges from 0.2 to 1 percent and it all depends on the desired texture. For gel formulations, the amount of methylcellulose used can be even higher because it involves the thickness of a gel product. The rough texture of lotions, gels, and creams is a disservice to sellers. Even with only a semi-smooth texture, product users can start complaining until they no longer use the product. Methylcellulose improves the texture of cosmetic products even at very small levels.

Lock Methylcellulose for Cosmetic Products in Hairstyling

Methylcellulose as a biopolymer can guarantee that your hair gel will work well to straighten your hair even if you have to use a flat iron and other hair heating devices. These polymers can work together with thickeners like chitosan to provide a long-lasting effect in hair styling. Their work has even gone through rheological and curl drop testing.

Rheological testing was carried out through a sweep flow test to determine the shear thinning behavior of the sample and the effect of viscosity. There are also rheological tests such as a temperature increase test from room temperature 250C to 600C to determine the effect of heat on various concentrations in the sample.

Furthermore, the curl fall test was also carried out for 48 hours. There are different samples applied to dry, wet, and permed hair. The samples are hung vertically to see how the force lasts for a long time under the impact of gravity.

Now, many producers compete to create as good as possible products like hair gel products. Industries turn to always innovations to meet the women’s or men’s needs in cosmetic products. Dermatology testing and good formulations as well as the ingredients are the keys.

Natural to synthetic ingredients are made up to get the best performances and results. Methylcellulose is believed to be a good and nontoxic ingredient added to some products. This ingredient has no irritancy content and does not lead to a blackhead effect.

So, are we ready for good performance and good quality methylcellulose for cosmetic products?